Salman Khan’s bailable warrant cancelled
Salman Khan’s bailable warrant cancelled

Failing to provide surety on the previous two dates for the 2002 hit and run case, Salman Khan was issued a bailable warrant in the first week of April. Today the said warrant was cancelled by the Mumbai session court. Read here for details.

Hi Salman Khan’s court cases in the month of April.

April doesn’t sound to be a good month for Salman from the legal point of view. Earlier this month Salman Khan was acquitted in the Blackbuck poaching case of 1998 and ordered a five year imprisonment. Salman Khan had to go behind the bars for 2 days before he could be released on bail and resume his shooting. However today his bailable warrant for the 2002 hit and run case stands cancelled.

What does it mean by cancellation of Bailable warrant.

Issuance of a Bailable warrant makes it compulsory for the accused to appear before the court on the decided date. Bailable warrant is issued if the person fails to file the surety. Salman Khan’s lawyer assured that Salman Khan would complete the procedures. Salman Khan had to appear in person in the court today and give surety before his bailable warrant could  be cancelled. Such a huge sigh of relief to Salman Khan.

About the 2002 Hit and Run case against Salman Khan.

In the 2002 Hit and Run case, Salman Khan was accused of driving his car over the people sleeping on pavement and killing one. The session court held Salman Khan guilty in the case. However 7 months later In 2015, Salman Khan was released of all the charges against him by the Bombay High Court due to insufficient evidences.

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