Jane Foster might return on Avengers 4
Jane Foster might return on Avengers 4

As per the original comics Jane Foster was not this trivial a character as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has reduced her to. She was infact a very important character. It’s now time that MCU gives due recognition to the character in Avengers 4. Read here for details.

Some of the major and minor characters missing from Avengers: Infinity War.

Now that the much hyped movie has already released worldwide we can safely say that yes it has lived upto the expectation. The critics and fans are still in the hangover of the 2hrs 29 minutes if Marvel-ous movie. Most of the characters joined in to fight Thanos. The most missed for were Ant man and Hawkeye. But there were few other characters as well who missed the movie but no one seems to be missing. Valkyrie went missing from Avengers: Infinity War and so was Jane Foster, Thor’s scientist girlfriend. Natalie Portman who’s ready to revive the role mentioned that no one asked her for.

It seems makers will have to bring her in with greater responsibility in 4th part.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos wipes out half of the universe with a mere snap of his fingers. Scarlett witch and Vision had both given a tough fight to Thanos before that. Scarlett was the only one capable of destroying Vision’s stone – The Mind Stone as she herself was a product of it. We had seen in age of Ultron that Scarlett Witch and her brother had agreed to experiment of Loki’s Sceptre which ultimately gave them their superpowers. The sceptre was Home to Mind Stone and so Scarlett also has the same composition as of the Mind Stone and thus she could destroy it.

Similarly Jane Foster though for a short period was time was host for Aether in the Sark World. She has also supposedly recieved some of her powers from Aether which is also a Reality Stone. So she might be having something of Aether in her. Now that Vision and Scarlett Witch are dead Jane Foster could have an important role to play in Avengers 4.

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