IPL 2018 KKR vs SRH 2

PL 2018, KKR vs SRH: Eden Gardens, Kolkata saw the home team Kolkata Knight Riders battling with SunRisers Hyderabad.  The guest team is having a grand start of the 11th season of Indian Premier League with three consecutive wins including this one.SRH win by 5 wickets.

Match Summary

In what we can call an enthralling match SunRisers Hyderabad earned their first ever win at the Eden Gardens. SRH won the toss and opted to field first. The Hosts faced a lot of trouble sticking to the ground as Hyderabad’s ballers pulled their strings. KKR manage to pose a target of 138/8.

SunRisers has a weaker batting lineup and they indeed did struggle but Kane Williamson and Shakib Al Hasan’s powerful partnership saved the day. Before Williamson left he made sure with his half-century that the scales are balanced. Yusuf Pathan placed the winning stroke and a won his team their third consecutive match.

SRH was already leading the scoreboard and 2 points more are added to their account.

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SRH wins by 5 wickets

SRH won the toss and opted to bowl 

KKR: 138/8, 

Innings 2:

Over 19: 139/5, In this over SRH makes 13 runs and win by 5 wickets. Yusuf managed a 4 earlier in the over and finished the required 6 from an end stroke. Andre Russell comes back into the attack. Deepak Hooda 5(9), Yusuf Pathan 17(7)

Over 18: 126/5, Another bad spell for SRH as Willaimson is Caught by A Russel and 8 runs out of the over. Mitchell Johnson comes back into the attack. Yusuf Pathan comes to the crease. Yusuf tries to recover with a boundary to deep extra. Deepak Hooda 3(6), Yusuf Pathan 6(4)

Over 17: 118/4, In this over SRH made 4 runs and Willaimson completes his half-century off 43 balls. Sunil Narine comes back for his last over. Kane Williamson 50(43), Deepak Hooda 2(5)

Over 16: 114/4, In this over bad news arrives for SRH as they only made 2 runs and Shakib 27(21) is bowled. Piyush Chawla comes back into the attack.Deepak Hooda comes to the crease. Kane Williamson 48(41), Deepak Hooda 0(1)

Over 15: 112/3, In this over SRH makes 10 runs, a relief comes in the form of a 6 by Williamson. Shivam Mavi comes into the attack. Kane Williamson 47(40), Shakib Al Hasan 26(17)

Over 14: 102/3, In this over a 100 comes for SRH with 5 runs. Kuldeep Yadav comes back for his fourth and last spell.  Kane Williamson 39(36), Shakib Al Hasan 24(15)

Over 13: 97/3, In this over SRH 9 runs all thanks to good running between the wicket. Sunil Narine comes back into the attack.  Kane Williamson 36(32), Shakib Al Hasan 22(13)

Over 12: 88/3, In this over SRH gears up a little with 16 runs. Andre Russell comes back into the attack. Shakib eases the pressure a little with back to back 4, 4, 6. Kane Williamson 30(28), Shakib Al Hasan 19(11)

Over 11: 72/3, In this over SRH gears up a little with 10 runs including two 4’s by Williamson. Kuldeep Yadav comes back into the attack. Kane Williamson 29(27), Shakib Al Hasan 4(5)

Over 10: 62/3, In this over SRH just 4 runs. Piyush Chawla comes back into the attack. Kane Williamson 20(22), Shakib Al Hasan 3(5)

Over 9: 58/2, In this over SRH moving quite slow with just 5 runs and Manish Pandey goes back as he gets LBW. Kuldeep Yadav comes back into the attack. Shakib Al Hasan comes to the crease, Kane Williamson 18(20), Shakib Al Hasan 1(1)

Over 8: 54/2, In this over SRH makes just 4 runs.Piyush Chawla is back into the attack. Kane Williamson 15(17), Manish Pandey 3(9)

Over 7: 49/2, In this over SRH makes just 3 runs. Kuldeep Yadav delivers an economical over. Kane Williamson 13(13), Manish Pandey 1(7)

Over 6: 45/2, In this over SRH makes just 1 runs and loses Dhawan as he gets bowled. Sunil Narine delivers a very good over. Manish Pandey comes to the crease. Kane Williamson 11(9), Manish Pandey 0(5)

Over 5: 45/1, In this over SRH garners 10 runs including two back to back 4’s from Williamson. Piyush Chawla comes into the attack. Shikhar Dhawan 7(6), Kane Williamson 11(9)

Over 4: 35/1, In this over SRH makes just 3 runs and Saha24(15) leaves as he is Caught by Karthik. Sunil Narine comes into the attack. Kane Williamson comes to the crease. Shikhar Dhawan 6(5), Kane Williamson 2(4)

Over 3:32/0, In this over SRH makes 16 runs all thanks to three 4’s by Saha. Mitchell Johnson comes into the attack. Wriddhiman Saha 24(14), Shikhar Dhawan 5(4)

Over 2:16/0, In this Over SRH makes 10 runs, including a boundary by Saha and another by Dhawan.  Andre Russell comes into the attack. Wriddhiman Saha 9(8), Shikhar Dhawan 5(4)

Over 1:6/0, SRH starts 6 runs, Saha and Dhawan are at the crease. Johnson opens the attack for SRH. Wriddhiman Saha 4(5), Shikhar Dhawan 0(0)

Innings 1:

Over 20: 138/8, In this over KKR just managed to score 4 Runs and loses another Shivam is Caught by Bhuvneshwar. Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack for the last over of the inning. Karthik hits a 6 on the free hit. Mitchell Johnson comes to the crease. Shivam Mavi 4(5), Mitchell Johnson 7(8)

Over 19: 137/7, In this over KKR scores 12 Runs and loses Kartik’s 29 (27) wicket as he gets Caught by Saha. Bhuvneshwar Kumar gives a no-ball filled over. Karthik hits a 6 on the free hit. Mitchell Johnson comes to the crease. Shivam Mavi 4(4), Mitchell Johnson 3(3)

Over 18: 122/6, In this over KKR scores 2 Runs including a boundary by Karthik. Rashid Khan comes back to bowl his last over. Dinesh Karthik 23(23), Shivam Mavi 3(3)

Over 17: 113/6, Things look grimmer for KKR they made just 2 Runs and lose another wicket as Shubman Gill gets Caught by Shakib. Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the attack.Shivam Mavi comes to the crease. Dinesh Karthik 17(19), Shivam Mavi 0(1)

Over 16: 111/5, In this over KKR makes 5 Runs. Rashid Khan comes back into the attack. Dinesh Karthik 15(17), Shubman Gill 3(6)

Over 15: 106/5, In this over KKR makes 9 Runs. Siddarth Kaul is back into the attack. Dinesh Karthik hits a much-required boundary. Dinesh Karthik 12(14), Shubman Gill 1(3)

Over 14: 97/5, In this over KKR makes 7 Runs and loses another wicket as Andre Russel is caught by Manish Pandey. Billy Stanlake continues the assault. Shubman Gill comes to the crease. Dinesh Karthik 5(9), Shubman Gill 0(2)

Over 13: 90/4, In this over KKR makes 4 Runs and loses another wicket as Chris Lynn, Caught & Bowled. Shakib Al Hasan comes back into the attack. Andre Russell, the right handed bat, comes to the crease. Dinesh Karthik 4(7), Andre Russell 3(3)

Over 13: 90/4, In this over KKR makes 4 Runs and loses another wicket as Chris Lynn, Caught & Bowled. Shakib Al Hasan comes back into the attack. Andre Russell, right handed bat, comes to the crease. Dinesh Karthik 4(7), Andre Russell 3(3)

Over 12: 86/3, In this over KKR makes 5 Runs. Rashid Khan comes back into the attackChris Lynn 49(33), Dinesh Karthik 4(5)

Over 11: 81/3, In this over KKR makes 6 Runs and Narine goes back as he is Caught by Williamson. Shakib Al Hasan comes back into the attack. Captain Dinesh Karthik comes to the crease to try some damage control. Chris Lynn 46(30), Dinesh Karthik 1(1)

Over 10: 70/2, In this over KKR makes 11 Runs. Siddarth Kaul comes back into the attack. Chris Lynn hits a much needed 6 and a 4. Chris Lynn 46(30), Sunil Narine 3(6)

Over 9: 59/2, In this over KKR makes 4 Runs. Shakib Al Hasan comes back into the attackChris Lynn 36(26), Sunil Narine 2(4)

Over 8: 55/2, In this over KKR resumes after the rain break and made just 3 runs and Nitish Rana got Caught by Manish Pandey. Billy Stanlake starts the assault after the break with a wicket. Sunil Narine comes to the crease. Chris Lynn 31(20), Sunil Narine 0(2)

Over 7: 52/1, In this over KKR makes just 3 runs. Shakib Al Hasan comes into the attack and reins it inChris Lynn 31(20), Nitish Rana 18(14)

Over 6: 49/1, In this over KKR makes 12 runs. Rashid Khan comes into the attack. Rana brings in run by a 6 and a 4. Chris Lynn 29(16), Nitish Rana 17(12)

Over 5: 37/1, In this over KKR makes 14 runs including three marvelous 4’s by Lynn. Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack. Chris Lynn 24(14), Nitish Rana 6(7)

Over 4: 23/1, In this over KKR scores just 2 runs as Billy Stanlake reins it in. Chris Lynn 14(9), Nitish Rana 6(7)

Over 3: 21/1, In this over KKR garners 11 runs and Uthappa 3(8) is Caught by Saha. Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the attack and leaves with a wicket. Nitish Rana comes to the crease and sweeps the very first ball across the boundary. Chris Lynn 13(8), Nitish Rana 5(2)

Over 2: 10/0, In this over KKR garners 9 runs. Billy Stanlake comes into the attack. Lynn gears up with two 4’s back to back (the last one could have gotten him caught). Chris Lynn 8(5), Robin Uthappa 2(6)

Over 1: 1/0, In this over KKR just makes 1 run. Uthappa and Chris Lynn are at the crease. Bhuvneshwar is back and opens the attack for SRH. Chris Lynn 0(1), Robin Uthappa 1(5)

The will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network is the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar.


KKR playing XI

Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Mitchell Johnson, Shivam Mavi, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav

SRH playing XI

Wriddhiman Saha(w), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson(c), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul, Billy Stanlake

Game Preview

Sunrisers Hyderabad has had 12 encounters with KKR across all venues and Kolkata stands tall with 8 wins. Including the last match between the two. SRH would like to maintain the winning momentum and also take some sweet revenge.

One crucial success factor for Hyderabad has been the balling side. The batting line up did chip in by chasing the total but it was the bowlers, who have managed to pull the reins on the opposition on both occasions.

Kolkata needs to fix both the batting line-up and the bowling front. The trouble is with the smallest squad size they do not have much room for a replacement. The only option is for the players is to work hard and perform better.