Avengers: Infinity War gets 80-100 percent occupancy.

Avengers: Infinity War has done it. What Bollywood films are struggling to do has been done easily by a franchise film. Yes the Hollywood film has created a record of gaining highest occupancy of 80-100 percent in India. Read here for details.

A Hollywood film scoring better than Bollywood films in India.

Yes. Isn’t that alarming. Avengers: Infinity War has done something which none of the Bollywood movies in 2018 have been able to do so far. We already know that Avengers: Infinity War didn’t get much screens in India. As per the Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh, the film could get only 2000 screens out of which 50% screens were dedicated to dubbed ones (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and others). This means Marvels have even pitched non English watching audience, A Marvel-ous stroke giving it 80-100 percent ocuupancy in all the screens. And things would only get better as the day progresses. Definitely Avengers: Infinity War is going to be a money spinner.

Box office occupancy and  Collection Prediction Day 1.

The response given by the audiences is insane and unimaginable. This only shows love and eagerness for the Marvel movies. According to Trade Analyst Akshaye Rathi, looking at the amazing response from the audiences 20 crore plus day 1 Collection is a cake walk. He said:

“The response is insane, every single cinema that’s playing it, is anywhere between 90 to 100 percent and it’s only going to get better by the evening. The record for the highest opening for a Hollywood film will be shattered and shattered by a mile. Rs 20 crore day 1 is definite, how far it goes beyond that is something will have to wait till the evening to see.”

He even tweets that looking at the hurricane at he Box Office, The records of the Hollywood movie in India are going to Ben broken ruthlessly. It’s an epic release doing wonders even with single screen releases. As anticipated a lot of records are going to be broken and created.

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