Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Masi Dadi arrives at the Goenka house

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 March 2018: everyone discovers that Shubham placed the divorce papers in Kartik’s file. Kartik leaves for Rishikesh and Naira follows him to find him. 

If you have missed Yesterday’s episode, here a quick recap

Manish Slaps Shubham

Dadi is blaming Naira non stop while Swuarna is trying to protect her. Naira is stunned and can’t take her eyes of the paper. Dadi asks her why did she give this paper to Kartik.

Luv and Khush remembers that the paper was kept by Shubham and they tell everyone. Everyone is shocked and Manish asks Shubham about it.

Manish slaps him hard. Naira finally comes out her shock and she shouts out for Kartik and sits on floor. Manish scolds Shubham about the mess he has created.

Naira gets up to leave and find Kartik, everyone stops her. She is inconsolable.

Kartik Decides to leave

Kartik is still stressed about the Divorce Papers. He can’t get over the fact that Naira took this big a decision. Thinking, he can’t survive without Naira, he decides to leave the city. We hear sound of Train and Kartik goes towards it.

Naira gets a message, and tells everyone that Kartik has booked a ticket. She thinks she knows where he might have gone.

Kartik is in Rishikesh

Kartik is river rafting, he thinks he used to come here often to find some solace. Today, he is here again to find peace.

He sees Naira in the raft behind him and she calls him Meghnat. Kartik, tries to ignore her and falls in water. He later realizes that he was imaging her, she isn’t there.
Naira and Kartik are standing at the opposite ends of the Laxman Jhula. Naira thinks, she will be able find Kartik while crossing the bridge as she found her Mom. They both cross the bridge but can’t stop each other as someone comes between them.

Family Meets a Priest

Dadi, Swuarna, Rajshri, Manish and Naitik are also in Rishikesh. Dadi tells them that the caretaker told her about a great priest is here. She suggests a Pooja for the couple for their anniversary tomorrow.
They meet the priest ask for blessings. He tells them that he will perform a special ‘havan’ for the couple tomorrow. He invites for the daily Aarti.
While in the Aarti, Naira prays to find Kartik. Kartik is also their praying. Naira spots Kartik and run towards him. She steps on some water and slips. But before she could fall in water Kartik catches her. She hugs him


Kartik tries to run away from Naira. He spots a zip line and decides to take the ride. Naira is beside him on the zip line.