October First look
October First look

First poster of Soojit Sircar’s October is here and it gives us a feel of the silence before the storm. Varun Dhawan can be seen lying in the meadows deeply lost in thoughts and brooding over something. It gives a feel that the movie is not going to be serene as in the poster. It has a very deep meaning.

Its not new to laze around in the meadows and watch the sky. Everyone of us must have done sometime or the other. But Varun Dhawan’s eyes speak something else. The eyes reveal pain and agony. It gives a feel that the October would be something really different from what we can see right now. Eager to watch the trailer now. Can’t wait for the suspense to reveal.

Varun Dhawan on how he got October and his work in it.

Varun Dhawan revealed how he bagged the film and told:

“I went to Shoojit and told him to take me in a film, I told him ‘Please make a film with me.’ Three months went by and Shoojit and Juhi saw me in that character from October and that’s how it happened. But the process of getting into October was very different from what I’ve done ever before. I had to be prepared to be spun around on my head because with the concepts in the film, if I was saying a dialogue like a dialogue, then it wouldn’t work. The dialogues had to be felt and delivered like they were my own words. Just understanding that was difficult! Shoojit wanted me to live the character and not just come and act it out. So no make up, for days no sleep, no phone and much more. There was a piece of music that he had given me, which I would listen to, get into that zone and reach the set. Everyday, he would remove my make up and spoil my hair. No glycerine, I was just doing what was meant to be done.”

Oh Varun you have sincerely put in hard efforts which is clearly visible in the poster. The October would hit the screens on 13th April 2018.