Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 Feb:  The lead couple of the show is ready to put aside their differences for the day an celebrate the day of love. But looks like luck has planned something else for Kartik and Naira.

If you have missed Wednesday’s episode, here a quick recap

Priyanka and Naitik

Priyanka confronts Naitik, that he evaded from the truth in front of the family. She questions him about it, and asks if her suggestions even matter. The family has a right to know the truth. Naitik clearifies, that he is not going to tell anyone at home about his Depression/illness.

If and when the family will know, they will shift all their attention towards him. Which is not what he wants, especially Naira and Naksh. As per him it is their time to enjoy life not to worry about him. Than he simply emotionally blackmails Priyanka into silence by asking her to be the friend she has been to him.

Naksh is observing the conversation from afar. He hasn’t heard anything, but suspects that Naitik has not told the truth downstairs. Angry with Naitik he leaves.

Its Valentine’s Day

Naira and Kartik are returning home with Manish and Suwarna (we wonder were did they leave Dadi). A tea vendor turns his radio on and Kartik and Naira starts notices Couples. The Balloons, the Roses and the Love sign.

They flashback to their romantic moments from last years Valentines; both are lost in thoughts about each others. So much so that Kartik doesn’t realise the signal has turned green or hear the horns until Manish interrupts his thoughts.

The duo realizes that’s its valentine’s day. Both decide to surprise each other and forget the fights for the  day. Since, their parents are in the car,they think they will wish each other later.

At Home

Kartik tries to follow Naira to the room but Manish calls him for help regarding a mail. He is still busy when Naira comes down after changing.

Kartik comes near Naira, but before they can say anything Dadi Interrupts. She and Naira are still on call with Pandit Ji, when Kartik comes down after changing.

Before he can go near Naira, Manish taps him and calls him for office. While Naira wishes he comes early from office, Kartik is in no mood to go.

Kirti and Naksh

Meanwhile Kirti thinks of giving Naksh a rose while he is getting ready. To her dismay Naksh is still angry from yesterday and the rose falls to the floor unnoticed by him. Kirti sadly looks at it.

Dadi vs. Ladies

Some ladies come and inform Dadi about their trip to temple. They wanted to take their share of ‘Chadhava and Prasad.’ Dadi aks Suwarna to inform Naira to prepare the Prasad.

While the ladies wait they, question Dadi about Naitik and Priyanka. Dadi shuts the rumor down firmly. Switching to another gossip they question Naira and Kartik. Dadi happily obliges that Naira is a good Daughter in Law and  a good wife.

One of the ladies did questions Kartik loyalty towards Naira and calls him ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’ (wife’s pet). Dadi, shuts them down fr the moment but decides to talk to Naira about it.

Naira decorates the room


Naira is decorating the room with candles, cards, flowers, gifts etc. She turns and spots kartik standing at the door. The duo fights – a small and sweet one this time. But they decide to take a time out from fight at least for today.

They Hug and Naira finds a stuffed heart in his front jacket pocket. He picks her up and twirls, they fall on the bed. This brings Naira out of her dream. She wishes he would come soon.

Luv and Kush comes to inform her that Dadi is calling her. She turns around for a last look at the room before she leaves. Luv Kush find their ball in the room and breaks a glass and spill its content while playing.

To save themselves from scolding they devise a plan that is not disclosed.

App kaho Tum Nahi


Dadi comes to Naira in Kitchen to explain her something. She tells her to address Kartik as ‘Aap,’ in front of the guests. While Naira debates her point, Dadi forces her to do this.

Kartik comes home and is shocked when Naira addresses him as ‘Aap.’ Dadi is really proud of herself and gives the ladies a side eye showing Naira off. Suwarna notices this and feels a little odd.

Kartik notices that Naira’s phone is ringing. He calls her aside and she starts talking on phone. He spots the Kheer coming to boil and saves it in time by switching the heat off.

He serves up the kheer, and to Dadi’s utter embarrassment brings it to ladies. When the ladies question about Naira, Kartik tells them she is on an important call. Dadi is furious about it and Suwarns looks tense.


Dadi sees Kartik and naira leaving. The Duo is outside on the road and it starts raining.