Rising Star Season 2 Live
Rising Star Season 2 Live

Rising Star Season 2, 11 Feb 2018 Episode: The audiences and the experts have taken their pick of 31 exceptional singers. The auditions are over and the duels have already began from yesterday.
The live singing reality is show will be judged by audiences live from the Voot app. The audiences have to download the App, log in for the singer they want to vote. Swipe right if they like their performances and Swipe left is they don’t.

The future of the contestants will depend on the number of votes recieved.Singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan, popular singer Monali Thakur and Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh are the three judges at the show.

The show is hosted by Ravi Dubey along with little kid Parth Dhamji.

How the Duels ki Takkar work.

Similar to the last season, this season also the contestants will be dueling with each other. The contestants are pre divided into team of two. Just like the auditions, audiences have to log on to Voot App and check in for the singer to vote them.

Both the singer perform one after the other. The first singer sings without the wall. Whereas second singer with the wall. The competition is of number of votes between the Two. Whoever receives higher stays, the other has to leave the show.

The interesting duels have started on the Rising star has started. Whom will you support?

Stay tuned for updates.