Pari Movie Trailer - horror on holi
Pari Movie Trailer - horror on holi

The horrifying teaser of Anushka Sharma’s upcoming horror thriller ‘Pari’ was not even out of the mind that the trailer of the movie was released to keep the terror built on the viewers minds. The trailer of the ‘Pari’ has been released and every second of it is horrifying. Read further to get into the details and watch the trailer here.

Details about the Upcoming movie ‘Pari’.

This is the third Movie of Anushka Sharma’s production house and Anushka Sharma has taken her acting skills to the next level comfortably managing to create the required thrill and terror. Anushka Sharma will probably create the thrill in this movie like no actress have ever managed to  do so far. In the trailer the low tone of Anushka to the background music everything is apt to create the horror. Infact even without any horrifying characters in the movie it will manage to terrify the audiences.

First time in the history of Bollywood films.

It will be for the first time in the history of Bollywood films that it is recieving treatment like a Hollywood film just after the release of the trailer. The way in which things are portrayed in the trailer leaves many questions unanswered building the excitement for the movie to release and watch. Watch the trailer of Pari here.

New look for Anushka Sharma.

The horrifying new look for Anushka Sharma is building excitement in her fan club. In fact her husband Virat Kohli also shared the teaser of her movie tweeting about her new look. Virat wrote:

“Can’t wait to watch my one and only in an avatar never seen before and I’m blown away already”

The Director of the film Prosit Roy has not shared any detail about the film. We will have to wait till Holi for the film to release and resolve our mystery.