Padman Box Office Collection, will the movie fly as light as cotton
Padman Box Office Collection, will the movie fly as light as cotton

Padman Movie Opening Weekend Box Office Prediction: The movie might not cross the 100 crore mark on the first weekend, but it will surely mark the hearts of its audiences. Or, we should say that it has already made its way to the heart of its audience worldwide specially the female audience. The subject of the film is taboo in our society and Akshay has done a brilliant job by addressing it.

The social drama based on life of Arunachalam Muruganantham is already achieving its goals. Muruganantham is a local superhero who developed low cost sanitary pads for women.

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Box office Prediction

The first day prediction suggest that the movie will have a fairly good start with 13 – 14 crore. Towards the weekend the film will earn close to 50 crore.


Opening Day collection: 13 – 14 crore

Opening Weekend: 48 – 50 crore

Most importantly the run of the film depends on the verdict of audiences. The risk of making a film on ‘Menstruation,’ that’s a taboo in many areas of the society will only pay of if people will suggest the film to their peers.

In Short, the future of the film will be written with ‘Word of Mouth Publicity”

If it’s Good – 

  • First Weekend – 50-55 Crore
  • First Week – 85-95 Crore
  • Lifetime – 120-130 Crore

In case it’s Mixed

  • First Weekend – 40-45 Crore
  • First Week – 70-75 Crore
  • Lifetime – 90-100 Crore

If it’s Bad

  • First Weekend – 35-38 Crore
  • First Week – 55-65 Crore
  • Lifetime – 65-70 Crore

The Audiences and celeb reviews uptill now has given a boost to the film already. The film might easily cross our expectation, in the scenario of the word of mouth being excellent.

The troubles that Padman faces are:

The Taboo Topic: The film is presented as a family entertainers. R. Balki is a master of such sensitive subjects and Akshay kumar surely known how to lighten things up. But would the audience be comfortable going to theatres to watch this subject.

Padmaavat:  The shifted release date might have lighten the effect but Padmavati still holds power on the box office. Will the audiences chose a lavish Magnus opus that is hyped by its controversies or a simple sweet social drama?

Already a winner

According to Akshaye Rathi, a Film exhibitor and FMCG distributor the film is already a winner.

We have to agree that his point of view does carry weight. Just that small shift in the thought process will help the society take big leaps.