Rising Star Season 2
Rising Star Season 2

Rising Star Season 2, 10 Feb 2018 Episode: The audiences and the experts have taken their pick of 31 exceptional singers. The auditions are over and the duels will begin from today.

The live singing reality is show judged by audiences live from the Voot app. The audiences have to download the App, log in for the singer they want to vote. Swipe right if they like their performances and Swipe left is they don’t.

The number of votes seal the future of the contestants.Singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan, popular singer Monali Thakur and Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh are the three experts of the show.

The host of this show is Ravi Dubey along with little kid Parth Dhamji.

The Duels ki Takkar- how does it works.

Similar to the last season the selected candidates will be dueling with each other. The contestants are pre divided into team of two. Just like the auditions, audiences have to log on to Voot App and check in for the singer to vote them.

Both the singer perform one after the other. The first singer sings without the wall. Whereas second singer with the wall. The competition is of number of votes between the Two. Whoever receives higher stays, the other has to leave the show.

There are going to be interesting Duels happening on Rising Star season 2. Who will you Support.

First Duel

Doctor Vs Engineer – Dr. Sudeep Ranjan vs Ashwin Prabhu

A common thought ties the two, to make music their first Profession. But only one can survive.

  • Sudeep Ranjan – Song Sawanriya – Vote 63% – Experts all sais No
  • Ashwin Prabhu – Song Tu Safar Mera  – Vote 50%  – Experts all said NO

Sudeep Ranjan, did not perform well but Ashwin Prabhu did even worse so he has to leave Rising Star. Ranjan affirms his position in Top 16.

 Second Duel

Vishnumaya Ramesh vs. Soham and chetanya 

  • Vishnumaya Ramesh – Song Kehna hi kya – Vote 93%  – Experts All said Yes
  • Soham and chetanya – Song Khaike Paan Banaras wala – Vote 88% – Experts All said yes

The little girl might not know hindi but she surely knows singing and the ‘Tutari’ moment by Shankar was the proof. Soham and Chetnaya grossed 89% votes and had to leave.

The kids performed really well, but according to the show’s format they have to leave. Shankar offered them to perform with him on his upcoming live show.

Third Duel

Devanjali vs. Mamta Raut

  • Devanjali – Song Chali Re – Vote 68%  – Experts Diljit said Yes, Monali and Shankar said NO.
  • Mamta Raut – Song Siyan pakad baiyan – Vote 85%  – Experts all said Yes.

Mamta sang her way to Top 16 with flying colors. Unfortunately, Devanjali had to leave the show.

Fourth Duel

Rohanpreet vs. Raenit

  • Rohanpreet – Song Aaj din chadya – Vote 92%  – Experts all said Yes.
  • Raenit – Song Janam Janam – Vote 90%  – Experts all said Yes.

Suron Ka Pehalwaan, Rohanpreet scored highest votes in auditions 95%, and today he bagged 92%. Even earned a ‘Tutari,’ moment.

Even after achieving 90% Raenit has to leave. In Fact Shankar not just gave him a ‘Tutari,’ but mentions that this was the best performance of the day. Everyone is sad and Shankar tells he will try to get him somehow.

Top 16 contestants

  1. Dr. Sudeep Ranjan
  2. Vishnumaya Ramesh
  3. Mamta Raut
  4. Rohanpreet

Rest of contestants will fight for a chance in the Top 16, Stay tuned with us for updates.

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