Kapil Sharma new show name
Kapil Sharma new show name

After smashing all the controversies and short comings Kapil Sharma is all set to make his way back on the Sony TV from March 2018 with an all new comedy show. All set to shoot for the promo show today.

Good news for all the Kapil Sharma Fans.

This Monday today is going to be a Good Monday for all the Kapil Sharma fans out there as the new of the revival of the Kapil Sharma Show comes out today. Last year was a low year for Kapil Sharma as his comedy show discontinued from the Sony TV after dispute with other actors and his movie Firangi bombarded on the Box Office.  But now after crushing all the controversies and negativities Kapil Sharma is all set to make a come back on the TV show on Sony TV. As per reports Kapil Sharma is going to shoot for the promo for his new show today. A source close to Kapil Sharma shared that:

“Sony TV and Kapil recently had a meeting and discussed on the comeback of the show. With Kapil now fit and fine, he is raring to go, and entertain his audience in his own inimitable style. The promo that is being shot today would be just an announcement, and a full-fledged one would be shot after the creatives are finalized. The show is expected to launch by end of March.”

Is Sunil Grover coming back?

So the next and obvious question that might be coming to your mind is ‘Is Sunil Grover coming back?’. This is because the ultimate reason for the discontinuation of the highest rated show was the feud between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. Sunil Grover left Kapil Sharma show and continuing without him became difficult hampering the TRP of the show badly. However it is reported that Sunil Grover is still not going to be a part of the All new Kapil Sharma Show. However the rest all team will be a part of it. There are going to be a few more addition also. The makers have a bigger and a better project this time. The name of the show has not yet been finalised.

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