Black Panther Box Office Collection
Black Panther Box Office Collection

Black Panther is having a marvellous Success and to quantify it has surpassed the 91 day Justice League Collection by their competitor DC Comics films in mere 4 days. Details of the Collection are as under.

Box Office Collection of Black Panther.

Black Panther has truely lived upto the expectation of its fans and it can be quantified by the Box Office Collection. Black Panther wraps up its first weekend with the domestic total of the Collection equal to the total collection of Justice League in its 91 days theatre run. Another reason for this is DC Comics Films’ ‘Justice League’ failed to live upto the hype that it had created and expectations raised over the years. As per the reports:

Through 91 days in theaters, the DC team-up film “Justice League” made $228 million domestically, a total that would be good for many other films but was below the $412.5 million made by “Wonder Woman” and below what was expected for a movie that aimed to be DC’s answer to the “Avengers.” “Black Panther” has already more than doubled the three-day opening made by “JL,” with a $201.7 million start compared to $95 million made by “JL” back in November.

The Film is a record setter. It’s a marvellous start by the Marvel film. It is expected that the film ‘Black Panther’ in the coming couple of weekend will surpass Thor: Ragnarok and also Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in Domestic totals.

Day Wise Box office Collection in US.

Thursday(Paid Previews) – $25.2m

Friday – $75.8 (eighth-biggest single day and eighth-biggest Friday)

Saturday – $65.8m (fourth-biggest Saturday ever)

Sunday – $85.3m estimate (2nd biggest Sunday)

This also makes Black Panther the 3rd Highest 4 day weekend gross surpassing Jurassic World’s $234.1 million.

The film is estimated to break many records besides the aforesaid once the actual details are recieved. As per the current details it’s 1st Sunday Collection is 2nd place just $500k behind Star Wars the Force Awakens which is currently at the topmost position.

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