Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds twitter account can officially be your daily dose of funny quotes.

The Deadpool actor has been in news for his Tweets and Instagram posts. No! they are not controversial they are just simply funny.

Ryan Reynolds recently started a new series of funny tweets with simply pointing his finger towards the Kardashian.

Ryan’s Tweet


To be honest even we have been questioning that. We for sure know that Kim is not pregnant, but still having a baby via surrogacy. Khloe recently announced her pregnancy and is now flaunting her Baby Bump (Check out here). Kylie is a mystery, in fact her fans are now getting angry, click here to know why. Gossipers even mixed Kendall’s Bagel bump to a baby bump.

Huufff!! Poor sweet Ryan seems to be as boggled by this question as we are. Seems Ryan’s priest is also confused. The Kardashian’s do love a good controversy, but it looks like they are not taking Ryan Reynolds seriously.

Ryan, you just narrowly escaped mister. Kardashian might not have come out with a reply but his tweeter followers indeed did.

The Curious case of Hotter Chris

One of Ryan’s Twitter followers has agreed to solve the Kardashian case for him. Only if Ryan helps the follower in an argument with his friend.

The question is as simple as the Kardashian mystery. Who is the Hotter Chris – Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt or Chris Evans.

Now, it is a difficult question but Ryan Reynolds does have an answer for it.

Stand Up and clap, this chap has proven his worth on Twitter. But this doesn’t end here. Reminding everyone of another Chris, Chris Pine Ryan tweeted again.

Ryan sure knows how to make and take a joke. Good Going!!!

What we await is to see if Ryan Reynolds also answers other who have been replying to this thread

Waiting Waiting!!! Of course we will keep you updated.