Though Kylie Jenner is having her 1st child with Travis Scott, she’s been missing Ex boyfriend Tyga and looking forward to reconcile.

Kylie Jenner, 20 is getting emotional during pregnancy and has been thinking about the good times spent with ex boyfriend Tyga.

Why did they split?

According to sources close to Kylie, they have been in contact with each on texts ever since they split in March 2017. The source said ‘bad timing’ to be the reason for the split. He said:

“Bad timing was the reason they ended things — Kylie knew she was too young to settle down. She really misses having him around daily. Kylie is excited about being a mother, but the pregnancy, with her hormones running wild, is also making her miss Tyga’s son, King Cairo. She knows that having Travis’ baby makes reconciling with Tyga difficult right now, but she’s still open to rekindling things in the future. She misses Tyga and is keeping the door open for a possible happy ending with her first true love.”

Tyga also wants reconciliation.

On the other hand Tyga is also praying for reconciliation. In fact he wants to be in the delivery room with Kylie to support her.

Kylie misses Tyga

Kylie and Tyga have dated on and off for approximately 3 years before they called it off in March 2017. Soon thereafter Kylie was spotted hanging out with Travis Scott at Coachella and they were rumoured to be together. In September 2017, news broke out of Kylie Jenner pregnant with her first child with Travis Scott.

Kylie and Travis’s relationship

Kylie and Travis are extremely reserved and Private when it comes to their relationship. They keep a very low profile and do not show off much in public. They were last spotted together at Kris Jenner’s Christmas party. Although Travis has been keeping very busy since Kylie’s pregnancy and is on constant touring , he is currently on a break to be able to spend time with girlfriend before she delivers their first child.

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