James Franco Snubbed by Oscar 2018 nominations among others
James Franco Snubbed by Oscar 2018 nominations among others

One of the most awaited morning of 2018 has arrived. Andy Serkis and Tiffany Haddish took to the stage and listed off 2018 Oscar Nominee. While some rejoiced their nomination some were snubbed. Fairly or unfairly that’s unto individual to decide.

James Franco Snubbed by Oscar 2018 nominations among others

In case of Meryl Streep it’s her 21st Nomination. For some it was a debut in Best Actor category, like Timothée Chalamet  for Call Me by Your Name’s and  Daniel Kaluuya for Get Out’s. But for someone like James Franco, Oscar 2018 nominations bear no gift.

The Shape of Water got 13 nominations while Wonder Women was left empty handed.

Here’s the full list of Oscar Nominations. 

James Franco


Probably one of the most controversial Snub of 2018 Oscars. The Disaster Artist Actor has been omitted from the Best Actor Nominee.

James Franco started the award season on a high note, he had nomination for best actor in almost ever award. He took Golden Globe 2018 and Critics’ Choice trophy home as well. His nomination was expected to say the least.

James Franco Snubbed by Oscar 2018 nominations among others

The Million Dollar question here is did the Sexual Misconduct Accusations has something to do with it. James Franco is accused not just by one but five women for sexual misconduct.

Interestingly The Times story was published on Jan. 11 and the Voting for the Oscars closed on Jan. 12. Although Franco denies the charges, but did it cost him a Oscar nomination.

Awards this season has an undeniable undercurrent of moments like # MeToo and #Time up Now. So much so that Golden Globes red carpet saw Black Dresses.

Franco also wore black and the time’s up pin at the Globes. But recently Scarlett Johansson demanded the Pin back.

Other Snubs

Steven Spielberg – While his Film “The Post,” got two nominations for best picture and best actress, the filmmaker was not nominated for best director.

James Franco Snubbed by Oscar 2018 nominations among others

Tom Hanks – Like the films director the lead actor of the film The Post was left out of the nominations.

Jessica Chastain – She has both Golden Globe and Critic’s Choice Awards nod but not Academy Awards’ for her role in Molly’s Game.

Wonder Women – Not even a single nomination, despite being the Third -Highest grossing film of the year. The  Patty Jenkins’ could have had a chance in  the costume and visual effects categories.

Battle of the Sexes –  Academy Award ignored to recognize the The two leads of the Movie Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

The Big Sick – Holly Hunter was snubbed from the Supporting actress nominations.


What are your thoughts about the Snubs at Oscar 2018. Especially the James Franco Snub at the Academy Awards.