Grey's Anatomy brings up Jo's Domestic Abuse by her Ex
Grey's Anatomy brings up Jo's Domestic Abuse by her Ex

Grey’s Anatomy is known for it Dramatic Finales. Whether it is Season finale or a Mid Season Finale. Continuing the ritual, Grey’s Anatomy left us at a pause.

The Last episode that aired on November 16 2017, saw Dr Jo dumbfounded on seeing her ex. Dr. Jo Wilson played by Camilla Luddington comes face to face with her abusive and estranged husband Paul played by Matthew Morrison.

Although tortured on screen, Camilla luddington got engaged to beau Matthew Alan over the holidays.

Episode Synopsis

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Jo is still unable to recover from the shock of seeing Paul. While Paul takes the advantage of the situation and introduces his fiancée, Jenny Played by Bethany Joy Lenz. Informing Jo that he can’t get married until an official divorce between the two.

Arizona happens to cross by and is awestruck to see Dr. Paul Stadler. In the background hackers have created a havoc in the hospital. Everyone else is busy handling this situation.

When Karev recognizes Paul, he immediately sends Helm, an intern to fetch Jo while he is in surgery. Paul come across with Meredith Grey, who recognizes him immediately.

When he receives a cold reception from Meredith, Paul tries to discredit Jo. He suggests that Jo has a drinking problem with a long story. That has him as the savior of Jo from a troubled upbringing. Ultimately blaming her for stealing money from him.

With Meredith by her side Jo signs the divorce papers. Before Paul could exit Jo tells Jenny all about Paul. Obviously it all turns upside down on Jo as Paul accuses her of lying. While also scaring her because now he knows where she is.

Jo wished him dead. Interestingly, before the show ends Paul is admitted in their hospital as a Hit and Run case.

The Episode Name – “1-800-799-7233”

With a new sexual abuse victim coming out of their shell every day, the Domestic abuse story line comes at perfect time. It is Time to say Time’s up

It would be the first time ever that a episode if not named after a song. For a good reason as well, The title is the number for the Domestic Violence Hotline.

Indeed a very smart way of dealing with a very delicate issue. What happens next with Jo, will be disclose next Thursday at 8|7c on ABC!