This was ought to happen. Melania Trump cancelled the previously confirmed trip to Davos with husband Donald Trump after the news of latter into alleged relationship with Porn Star Stormy Daniels back in 2006 and having paid $130K to keep mum before the Presidential Nominations has gone viral.

Melania Trump cancelled her trip to World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.

Donald Trump would  be addressing The World Economic Forum supposed to happen in Dovos, Switzerland later this week. However there is one person who would not be by his side for support. The First Lady Melania Trump. She had confirmed last week that she would be attending Davos with her husband and suddenly she cancelled saying it clashes with her other plans. Oops so what’s the real matter? Her East Wing Communication Director, Stephanie Grisham said:

“It was determined there were too many scheduling and logistical issues, so Mrs. Trump will not travel to Davos,”

Don’t you think it’s a lame excuse to not to travel to Davos to support husband. Is it really a schedule conflict?

No official statement by Melania since January 12.

On 12th January the news of Donald Trump having alleged relationship with pornstar Stormy Daniels in 2006 broke out. It means he was in relationship right after the birth of their son, Barron Trump, 11. Melania Trump is yet to break her silence since then. Melania did go to Mar-a-Lago with husband Trump on the Long Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend after the Stormy news broke out. However they were never photographed together during their entire trip to Florida. Surprisingly, Trump had hosted 2 official dinners in Florida – One with the former New York Mayor Rudi Guliani and other with the House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy and Melania was not seen. Besides Melania did tweet on the 1st Anniversary of Trump’s Office as President however she did not mention Trump anywhere in it. Besides the photo also that she tweeted was herself with a military escort and Not Husband Trump.

This is definitely not a good sign. Their marriage definitely seems to be on rocks.

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