Just after 2 weeks of returning home, The ‘Teen Mom’ star Catelynn Lowell, 25 confirmed she will return to the rehab for the third time.

She confirmed through twitter that she would be going to the rehab for the 3rd time believing that this time it will have magical effects. She has been taking help of the rehab for dealing with her childhood trauma and suicidal thoughts. She will go for a period of six weeks. In this process she thanked her husband Tyler Baltierra and daughter Nova.

Catelynn got pregnant when she was 16 and is birth mother to Carly Elizabeth. She later on gave her daughter for adoption and  struggles to adjust back to normal life with the trauma of separation with her child Carly. She and her husband Tyler Baltierra maintain a good relationship with Carly’s adoptive parents and keep meeting their birth child.

The ‘Teen Mom’ star is a huge advocate of mental health awareness and is fighting really hard to deal with her own trauma. She had recently been on a rehab for 6 weeks after having suicidal thoughts on 17th November 2017. She made stupid suicidal attempts like wrapping a belt around her neck and accident her car. She said:

“I’m taking the time I need right now to take good care of myself. On November 17th I thought of every way possible to commit suicide… from wrapping a belt around my neck to just running my car into an electric pole,”

She thanked God that she became aware that she needs her treatment and has faith that she will get better from it. She advises people in her look alike state that have faith in God. She believes no body is alone and no body is here without a reason. God has created us because there is a purpose. Our life has some purpose.

We are so proud of u Catelynn. Keep pushing. All the best in your incredible journey.  We wish u a speedy recovery.