Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood had an unfortunate accident in November. She had a Hard Fall on the stairs of her Nashville home.

Earlier reports mentioned a broken wrist. In a recent letter by Carrie Underwood to her Fan Page mentions that there were more injuries. The country singer mentioned that her face had a hard hit as well and had around 40 – 50 stitches.

Carrie also mentions that despite good care and time of around seven weeks she’s “not quite looking the same.” The curiosity of fans raised itself when Carrie posted a face covered photo on her Instagram.

The post does explained itself, that it is the cold that is turning Carrie into a Winter snow ninja. But fans weren’t satisfied as they weren’t able to see Carrie’s new face.

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The Accidental Face Reveal

Interestingly, Carrie Underwood had a recent picture online for almost half a month. Carrie was caught on camera with reality star Adrienne Gang.

The Below Deck star Adrienne found Carrie at her gym, working out simultaneously. The star stuck Adrienne took a picture together and posted on her social media.

Carrie Underwood despite all her claims look quite similar to her original self. You can see brace on the wrist but can’t really make out the stitches.

Well this is definitively a good news. But some fans can’t help but find something fishy in the situation.

Screenshot of Fan’s reaction on Adrienne photo

Carrie Underwood

In fact when fans of  “Before He Cheats” singer even questioned Adrienne how she looked after the accident on twitter. Adrienne commented that Carrie looked amazing and she had no clue about her injury until now.

Fishy or not Fishy we are happy that Carrie Underwood is on a speedy recovery. We are waiting for the Singer to post her Selfie to clear the air sooner rather than later. Because we believe her beauty is not dependent on some stitches.