Ariel Winter, 20 has no time for the backward mentality Slut Shamer. In fact she even responded with the best reply to a critic who tweeted that she herself was inviting sexual harassment by wearing a  plunging dress showing her cleavage and exciting men. He tweeted:

“The problem with #SexualHarassment in #Hollywood deeper than all the activists think; let’s take Ariel Winter i.e: I’m wondering why she even put the dress [on] at all. If you put your t**s on display don’t be surprised hen some guy wants to grab them. #BS #MeToo #TimesUp.”

However this was a very absurd comment which got a fitting reply from the Modern family star. Women have the liberty to wear whatever they want to and people with such mindset should definitely have a kick on their ass. Ariel very boldly replied:

“You’re right,” she responded. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. And I guess if this is what I should expect, then he should expect my pretty little foot in my high heel kicking him right between his legs. My body is mine no matter what I wear. Women aren’t objects to be fondled. Period.”

However the reply didn’t stop the critic from defending himself saying that a lady is not expected to dress that way and I fact she was a star of the show. He also added that her stardom would end with the end of the show and so rather than using her celebrity status she was exposing herself to be in the limelight and be a topic on the Internet. However this time a lot of fans responded slamming the critic and standing by Ariel for her bold reply. She is definitely a winner.

No wonder there is so much crime in the world relating to sexual harassment because the people with the critic alike  mentality do exist. I am happy he got a fitting reply from the teenage star. That’s the way to Go Girl.!!