Twitter react on Arshi Khan behaviour
Twitter react on Arshi Khan behaviour

Arshi Khan upset her lots of fan by her behavior, adding to her behavior with Shilpa Shinde. She hit a new low by debating with Salman Khan last night, she said that Salman Khan is supporting Shilpa Shinde because he likes her. She accepts that she behaved badly in front of Shilpa’s mother. Despite Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan, again and again, asking her to be quiet. But she kept going on and said that how she was not wrong, she told Hina that producers are biased towards Shipla and that is why they do not cheer her.

Arshi ne aapne baap ki kaunsi baat mani?
1. Ankho se lat hatao,
2. Salman ko sahab kaho
3. Salman ko salam kiya karo

Baap ko bhi ghin aa rahi hogi Nagin ki..#Arshi nahi sudhregi
Chali badi show pe ungali uthane..

— Vaibhav Bande (@VaibhavBande) December 9, 2017

Fans on Twitter are crashing the participant for not owning up to her bad conduct and cheer Salman Khan for being so strict with her. Fans also cheer Karan Patel for showing the real face of Hina. Well, clearly both are hit for their different reasons, Karan also facing his enemies on Twitter. But Arshi behavior is totally unexpected and everybody can support for that, Gauahar Khan also Tweet that she is disappointed with Arshi’s behavior.

And that’s how the tables have turned inside the house. Few weeks before Arshi Khan was as one of the most entertaining participants. How Salman said that she is digging her tomb and burying her reputation in it.

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