Selena Gomez back with Justin Beiber: Very much in love again!

We have come across a happy news today of Selena Gomez back with Justin Beiber. She claims to be spending the best days of her life with her lovely boyfriend Justin Beiber. She is again in very much love and very very happy with her Beiber baby.

Can we consider the duo, Selena Gomez, and Justin Beiber to be Compared to Beyonce and Jay-Z in any way?

Someone close to the couple mentioned to media about Selena being really in love with Justin Beiber again which is an aww moment for the friend. Selena Gomez has decided to answer the haters by showing her love for Justin to them. She is very happy and satisfied to be back with bae-ber.

Jelena may not cover Beyonce and JAY’s 2003 hit number, “Crazy In Love,” anytime soon, but Selena’s living the song 24/7 and we are quite sure about this.

“As much as people around her are worried that she’ll end up heartbroken all over again, it’s hard not to be happy for her,” stated on of the close to the couple sources to Media.
The Source lately added to the aforementioned, “She tried her best to put things with him behind her and for a long time, it seemed like she had. But it’s obvious now that she was carrying a heavy weight around with her this whole time. Now that she’s back with Justin that weight has lifted, she just seems very light and joyful.”

Selena Gomez back with Justin Beiber:  Very much in love again!

Justin Beiber on the other side has decided to become a better person for his lady love, Selena Gomez. He broke her heart once but does not wish to repeat the same as before.

Recently, about two weeks back also they were found kissing while Selena went to support her Beiber baby for hockey match.

Selena and Justin fans cannot keep calm about the matter at all. They are reacting to the most trivial issues in the world by claiming their love to be not true as Justin Beiber has unliked one blonde hair picture of Selena Gomez, his girlfriend.

Selena Gomez back with Justin Beiber:  Very much in love again!
All we can do now is to wait and watch if Selena and Justin are actually in so much love or not.
We are happy for the couple as well as curious for the upcoming updates of their love life.