Qarib Qarib Single Movie review
Qarib Qarib Single Movie review

This is about a meeting of two totally different personalities and falling in love with each other on an unusual, adventurous journey of their lives.

Bollywood has made these cliche formulae of movies where a boy meets a girl, they fall in love eventually and pull out the shit of their lives and live happily ever after. It is about a rom-com movie which outstands the mainstream league of cliche Bollywood movies. Qarib Qarib Singlle is successful mostly.

The female lead role of Jaya is debuted by Parvathy. South-Indian actress Parvathy  a.k.a. Jaya is playing a  smart and simple girl next door in the movie who has a good job and great friends with a confident style of living. Tanuja Chandra, the director, and co-writer of the film has not portrayed Jaya as an over the top needy woman, hiding under ten layers of makeup who dresses her up with all high-quality brands.

Qarib Qarib Single Movie review
Qarib Qarib Single Movie review

Jaya in the movie has a sad past life which pushes her to online dating sites to search for a suitable partner.

Whatever might be her backstory, the story brings in the whirlwind Yogi which confuses her about her aforementioned, dating decisions. Irrfan Khan, playing Yogi is a jolly man with all the unnecessary chirpiness who always goes with the flow and listens to his heart. Yogi’s past does not get a nice mention, in the film and the story mostly circulates about visiting Yogi’s backstory, and in meeting his past girlfriends.

The film seems to be above our expectations only to the interval, but after that, it loses its momentum very terribly.

The movie wouldn’t resonate as much with lesser skillful stars, and the director, Tanuja Chandra is very much aware of that.

Tanuja Chandra allows Yogi (Irrfan) and Jaya (Parvathy) bring out their shades of characteristical reviews of the duo Jaya&Yogi, which then keeps you waiting for all the climax in their stories which are satisfying to see them through to the end of it.

Cinematographer, Eeshit Narain’s work also adds the adequate realism to the film by beautifully seizing the subject materials in their natural elements, without resorting to the very dramatic scenes. I hope you do not expect something big from this love story, but you can undoubtedly experience this cute movie that will leave you in all smiles thoroughly.

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