Actors Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are thankful about the fact nepotism that but they also know that it is the hard work that matters.

Filmmaker Karan Johar was in a talk show with the two actors at the Jio MAMI Mela, and quizzed them on their panoramas on the ever-trending hashtag “nepotism”.

Karan said that nepotism had become one terrifying name of the season.

He has also added some points saying that it appears like it is a sin and they are the sinners. It’s like, everywhere they are hit with the notices as they are children of parents who are involved with the film industry.

Ranbir said that the topic cannot be trivialized anymore as it has become a delicate part of a discussion.

At first, you will find it funny, but it is a sensitive thing now.

He said about the tough work, that is the actor’s great-grandfather worked hard so that his children can get the opportunity to do something, so on and so forth and it came to him. He also added that when he will have children, he would also like them to have that opportunity which he got and see how good they are in that.

The “Barfi” actor says that he is a product of nepotism and never shy apart from it.

He and his father have also said, “people in the field of politics and entertainment are chosen by the public, unless people like you, you are not going to be chosen as the star”.

Alia agreed with Ranbir by adding her views saying that she has always wanted to be in films, this was her dream. Just that her connections to the family made the ways smoother for her. Nepotism anyway, exists in Bollywood, the business world and during admissions in the education field as well.

Kangana stokes up the nepotism discussion when she appeared on Karan’s chat show.

She said she always work vigorously and give her 100 percent. She loves to do her job and she doesn’t want to feel remorseful about where she stands today. After that, the argument has become a talking point in B-town.

Varun Dhawan joined Karan and Saif Ali Khan who took a dig at the “Simran” actor Kangana and accompanied them on the stage to receive an award at this years IIFA Awards. While receiving the award Varun shouted “Nepotism rocks!” from the stage.