The life of a Chef is not just into making dishes and cooking in a hotel or a restaurant. It is one of the busiest service industry around the world and being a chef is nowadays, one of the trending professions. There are many movies showing us the life of a chef but here I am gonna talk about a film that is,  ‘CHEF’ starring Bebo’s baby Saif Ali Khan; which got released on 6th of October.

Well, the movie is inspired by a Hollywood movie named the same; ‘chef’ (2014). The chef was an American comedy drama which was written, co-produced and directed by Joy Favreau. The movie starred Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr. And Favreau.

Well, the story of both the movies is same, talking about the Chef (2017, the movie shows Roshan Kara, a chef in a three-star restaurant named Gulli Restaurant in New York punches a customer and gets fired and flies back to Kochi to his son Armaan and his estranged wife Radha Menon to spend some time with.

A broken family and with some help he got his MOJO back as his son then suggested him to open a food truck and asked him to start fresh.

Well, before the interval the movie showed the food.

Culture adventure of a chef’s life showing all the culinary skills which may make you grab onto your aprons and knives and head to the kitchen, trying to make all the Finger-licking food shown on screen. But the main focus of the movie was to show the emotional journey of a deep bond between a father and his son. Chef also showed some merits of co-parenting which is a constant state in today’s urban society.

Saif Ali Khan has done a great job, his acting was in a brilliant format, he well managed the two phases of his character, first part showed the hot-headed man and later as the caring father-husband where he became keen to cement ties.

Padmapriya played the role of the chef’s wife, she was very smooth and with her acting, she might leave you all surprised. And we can also see Svar as Rohan’s co-worker and friend who has also left an impressive impression for his acting.

The film showcases a fun-filled trip with food and family as the focus. Some of the dramatic confrontation was filled by Ritesh Shah’s dialogues which were very wise and witty. The movie is a bit slow and also predictable at some parts.

According to me, it’s not a must watch”: but you might enjoy the slow moments of his life showed in the movie and while on the trip he manages to mend the broken family.