BOB WEINSTEIN breaks his silence on his Brother's Scandal

Bob Weinstein, the brother of Harvey Weinstein and co-founder of Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company finally broke his silence and shared his point of view about Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape. Bob Weinstein, who has always shied away from being in the limelight opened up to The Hollywood Reporter in an exclusive interview. 62-year-old Bob Weinstein apparently got emotional while opening up about the matter and claimed that he has been very distant from his brother, 65-year-old Harvey Weinstein, in the last five years.

In between all the allegations and controversies regarding Harvey Weinstein, the future of The Weinstein Company which was co-founded by the brothers, Harvey and Bob seem very bleak.

The entire scandal has affected Bob Weinstein very badly. Not only he will be struggling to get the share for the company but will also face troubles in getting the company back on track. Topping it off with the mental battles he is facing due to the sense of shame and betrayal. Bob has tried sending his sympathies to the victims of Harvey’s action of sexual harassment and physical abuse in the past three decades. 

According to Bob Weinstein, he barely talked with Harvey in the last five years. Bob says, “I could not take his cheating, his lying and also his attitude toward everyone”. Apart from this, he says he had an idea that his brother, Harvey was cheating on his wife, Georgina Chapman but he insists he had no idea about “the type of predator that he was”. Bob is really upset about the things that are coming up daily about Harvey and says “I have a brother that’s indefensible and crazy. I want him to get the justice that he deserves.”

Bob Weinstein even said that he wishes that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expels Harvey as Bob calls his brother, “sick and depraved”. Bob added that he will personally write a letter to the academy to make sure that it is being done. 

After this scandal, there were reports that The Weinstein Company will shut down or sold in parts, to all of this Bob Weinstein said, “I know they’re saying ‘Shut this company down’. Well, they didn’t shut Fox News down, they didn’t shut NBC down. My brother is the one that should pay for everything. And I mean literally — whether it’s criminal or otherwise — I will be supportive of all of that. But I don’t think the people that are the employees of this company or the company itself should pay.”


The future of the company looks very bleak with a lot of project being withdrawn after the scandal broke.Only time will decide the company’s future but for now, Bob Weinstein seems like the only hope for the company.