Ordinarily it takes 2 or 3 days for the contestants of Bigg Boss to settle down before they start with their everyday disease of melodrama, fights and bitching about the co-contestants, but this time around it seemed like they had it clear in the mind that the viewers must get see to some of the heated interactions in the very first episode of the season. As soon as the excitement of entering the house faded away, the participants began to show their accurate colors.

This season witnessed a scanty increase in the number of inmates as this year the show will begin with 18 contestants (6 celebrities and 12 commoners).

Luv Tyagi, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Lucinda Nicholas, and Mehjabi Siddiqui who are in a separate house were seen having a conversation where they compare Arshi Khan to one of the sexiest contentious contestants last year, Priyanka Jagga, who was eventually told to by Salman Khan to leave the house. Mehjabi then goes on say she will deal with Arshi in her own way. They find rapper Akash Dadlani extremely funny and while talking about Puneesh, they say that he should be taught a lesson as he has too much of attitude.

Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde picked up from where they left on stage during the introduction session by the host of the show Salman Khan. The trash talk turned into an argument as Shilpa attempted to justify her side of the story. Vikas lost his temper and ended up calling Shilpa a “psycho” and “mentally challenged person”. The drama continued as the other inmates tried to calm down the situation, while Shilpa was seen moving away from the scene crying.

Well, that wasn’t the only thing that happened. Zubair started a conversation with an ‘adult’ joke; something that the Haryanvi artist, Sapna Chaudhary didn’t take to well. Sapna, who is a feminist at heart requests appealed Zubair to keep in mind the language he uses especially in front of women. Puneesh steps in to take the issue up with him Zubair, as the Zubair says his upbringing has made him this way but he recapitulates talking in the same way. The two of them get into a heated argument that ends with Zubair threatening Puneesh while shouting out loud – “I don’t want any TRPS, I am TRP.” Soon after this television actress, Hina Khan is seen talking to Sapna and telling her ways to handle people like Zubair. Later Hina then explains to Zubair that where he went wrong (because, dikhawa zaroori hai sanam). Zubair shares his past, his life story with Hina. Clearly, Hina shares a good enough bond with Zubair.

Another verbal altercation took place between Vikas Gupta (who is a part Gharwales) and Luv Tyagi (who among the Padosis) regarding the demand for food made by Luv as Padosis don’t have their kitchen. (very sad, you see)

After all these heated conversation and drama, all contestants spent time with each other and tried to know each other well. They divided all the works among themselves.

If the first episode has given such drama, we can only hope for more in the days to come (Itihaas gawah hai).