Veteran Theatre and TV Actor Tom Alter Battling Stage Four Skin Cancer

Veteran Theatre and TV Actor Tom Alter Battling Stage Four Skin Cancer

Renowned theatre, TV and Bollywood actor Tom Alter 67, is battling stage four skin cancer at a Mumbai hospital. Jamie, son of Alter got upset over the factually incorrect stories about his father suffering from bone cancer. Jamie reported IANS over a call that the disease his father is suffering is called squamous cell carcinoma which is a type of skin cancer. He stated that this is the same disease his father faced last year but unfortunately, for several reasons it wasn’t detected at that time and it relapse this time.

In the previous year, Tom Alter had to amputate his thumb due to the condition.

This Bollywood personality has been admitted in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital for a week.

In Jamie’s words, Tom Alter is fighting it well and showing the will to conquer it. He is provided the best care possible and the family is quite satisfied with the treatment Tom is getting. Many doctors across the nation are in consultation with the actor.

Talking about his bodily functions, it is utterly fine and doctors are happy with that. The past one week was taken into account for getting the actor in a state of physical strength, wherefrom the doctor is allowed to begin the next round of medication.

A source reveals that Alter’s son refused to comment on the matter and they want privacy in this matter.

“We will be releasing statements to the media as and when things happen”, quoted Jamie.

Born and brought up in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, Bollywood actor Tom being a prolific theatre actor, has appeared in more than 170 movies and several Hindi TV shows such as Shaktiman, Zabaan Sambhalke, Bharat Ek Khoj, Betaal Pachisi etc.

It is learnt that Alter, who is an Indian of American descent, has a great command over Hindi and Urdu which makes him a favourite with nation’s top playwrights.

In 2008, Tom was awarded Padma Shri.

The Director and Producer of Tom’s short film (The Black Cat) Bhargav Saikia showed his concern for actor’s health. He informed that the actor was supposed to appear for a special screening of the movie in Mussoorie last week but he couldn’t make it due to his condition. Saikia reported to IANS over call: “I met him last in July. He was fine and his health was okay. He was working on a theatre production and was also doing some serial.”

According to Saikia, he was in the last touch with Tom in the early August via email but when he emailed him towards the end of the month for the special screening, he didn’t respond back. That’s when he got to know about his health though his manager.