Disney Swaps Release Dates for 'Star Wars: Episode IX' and 'Aladdin'

Disney leaves nothing to chance when it comes to its larger than life movies. Disney has made some changes to its movies calendar this time. In the latest movie calendar released on Tuesday, the release dates of some popular and much awaited films have been shuffled. The release date of space opera movie Star Wars: Episode IX has been pushed back by seven months especially after the proclamation that J.J. Abrams is taking over directing duties.

Star War Episode IX will now hit the theaters on December 20, 2019. Earlier the release date was scheduled to be May 24, 2019. The space odyssey film is swapping dates with another Disney big flick, the mega budget live-action adaptation of Aladdin. The date of Aladdin was previously set at Dec. 20 2019. The studio famous for cartoon character has also pulled back an upcoming magic show. The show titled ‘Magic Camp’ has been shifted from the calendar. Directed by Mark Waters and story by Steve Martin, Magic Camp has now been set to April 6, 2018 release date.

Besides these there is a long list of Disney live-action movies that are going to be released. An untitled Christopher Robin movie will hit the screens on Aug, 3, 2018, while Artemis Fowl will be released on Aug. 9, 2019.