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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kartik is Naira’s new neighbour

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 June 2018:

Naira (Shivangi Joshi) issitting on a stool, when a ball hit the school. She falls oback and Kartik (Mohsin Khan) runs to hold her.

Suwarna sees the apartment premises on video call with the broker. Naitik is in the view distributing sweets of Naira’s admission but she doesn’t notices him. Manish hears the apartment name and recalls Kirti’s words. He tells Suwarna that Kartik’s friend also lives there, it will be great if he stays there.

 Naitik decided to Visit Udaipur

Naksh sees Naira’s pictures. Kirti spots her hospital papers while she is looking for something in the cupboard. She gets sad remembering the miscarriage. Kirti thinks of doctor’s words and tries talking to Naksh about it, but he evades.

She thinks that he always postpone this talk. Kirti gets a call from Naitik. Naitik asks her is Naksh is upset with him. Kirti consoles him saying that he just misses you a lot.

Naitik tells her that he too misses him but he can’t leave Naira on her own in Mumbai. He feels he is failing both his kids, Kirti assures him that all will be fine. Naitik thanks her for encouraging him. He ends the call and thinks about visiting Udaipur for some days for Naksh’s sake.

Kartik sees Naira busy on phone and takes the books and leaves. Naira thinks just because he is the professor, it doesn’t mean that he will rule all the time. Suwarna calls Kartik and inform him that she has finalized a flat for him. Naira recalls Suwarna.

Kartik shifts into sea shell apartments

Suwarna gives him the flat details. A man tells Naitik that a guy from Udipur is renting the flat and his details are in the form. Naitik is about to see the form, but he distracted by Kritika.

Naira reaches the compound and sees someone shifting. Kritka tells her that its a man and picks a cup with Lav and Kush’s picture from ths stuff. Naira does not see and advises her not to touch anyone’s things.

Kartik reaches the apartment, Naira doesn’t see him. He asks the men to leave as he will arrange his stuff. Kartik spots the books and recalls Naira.

The duo comes face to face

Kartik relaxes in the pool. Naira comes in her balcony and thinks this might be the new tenant swimming. She is removing washed clothes when the tole falls down. Naira asks Chitti to tell the maid to clip the clothes.

 Kritika joins her to fetch the towel. Kartik uses the towel and leaves as Naira and Kritika come there. Naira grabs a towel and sees that its not her. Kritika stumbles as Naira spots a beer can lying around. She asks watchman who was here at the poolside. Watchman says the new tenant was here. She asks him to tell the tenant the rules.

She stops as she hears loud music from the place and decides to will explain the new tenant the rules herself. Naira rings the bell as Kartik is drinking wine.

Watchman informs then that the beer can was of Malhotra’s son. Kritika says thank God, we didn’t scold him, we would have become enemies, lets go home. Naira says what about towel exchange. Kritika says we are not sure, we will ask tomorrow, its not good to disturb someone at night. Kartik opens the door. Naira and Kartik see each other.

He shuts the door and says mum shouldn’t know this. Naira asks what to do, shall she tell this to Naitik.

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