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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira and Kartik decides to quit college

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31 May 2018: Naira decides to quit college and cuts her ID card, leaving Naitik in a confused state. Kartik is at the airport to leave for Udaipur, but there is no flight available. 

Naitik sees Naira upset and asks her about it. Naira shuts the door and cries, while Naitik knocks and questions her about it.

Kirtis is feeling guilty, but Manish consoles her by saying that her intentions were good. Manish says if we keep trying we shall succeed, Suwarna sees them and leaves.

Naira tears her ID card

Kartik doesn’t want to stay in Mumbai, nor return ever. Naitik is still waiting for Naira to reply. Naira goes to the kitchen looking for scissors and cuts her college ID in half. She tells Naitik that today was her first and last day of college as she doesn’t want to go.

Naira thinks to herself, that she was about to have a do-over and Kartik came out of nowhere and now she is lost again.

Suwarna talks to Manish

Suwarna approaches Manish and tells her that it is good that Manish is on talking terms with Kirti. She tells him that she will be happy to meet her once in a while. Manish relaxes a little as he thought Suwarna have had heard their conversation about Naira and Kartik. Suwarna further tells him that meet Kirti as her father and not Naira’s father in law.

Manish enquires about her flight and she tells him that it got canceled and now she will go with him to Mumbai. As she leaves, Manish thinks to himself that he understands her sorrow but losing a child, doesn’t mean they destroy the lives of remaining two.

Kartik misses his flight

Naitik is worried about Naira and wonders what might have happened. Naira is lost in her thought thinking that she had no idea that she will come across old people and lose her courage. She feels guilty for Naitik and thinks what can she tell him.

Kartik is at the airport asleep, He wakes up and finds out that his flight has left. Kartik enquires about the next flight for Udaipur but the man tells him that all flights are full.

Naitik question her again and she tells that the professors weren’t good. He offers to talk to the Principal but Naira denies it. Chitti also asks why did she get so upset.

Kartik is determined to leave, he receives a message and says that he doesn’t care about the take over anymore. Kartik is angry and Naira is crying.

Naksh and Kirti share a romantic moment and goe for a drive. They eat Paan and Naksh thanks her for being so understanding. Kirti wishes that he starts understanding her as well as earlier.

Kartik sees a dog and starts talking to him, telling him that will never visit the college again. On the other side, Naira is talking to herself that no one can understand how she felt during these two years. How much she waited and hoped for him and now when she is trying to move on Kartik has to enter the same college as her.

Kartik tells the dog that Naira hasn’t just changed the city, she changed herself too. He has been waiting for two years and she didn’t even bother. The dog barks.

The duo is thinking about each other. Naira exclaims why didn’t you come Kartik, why did you do this to me. He also echoes similar thought, why did you do this to me, why did you go. They both cry.

Kartik and Naira collide near the library door. Naira says why should I care if he doesn’t care. He says why should I care if she doesn’t, I won’t go because of her. She says I will study here.

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