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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira is shocked to hear Kartik’s voice

Kartik and Naira are just a few steps away from meeting each other.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update 1

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 May 2018: Naira and Kartik cross each other but does not meet in the college. Kartik agrees to be the guest lecturer of Naira’s class. Naira recognizes his voice and gets shocked. 

Kartik tells Suwarns that he refused to take the lecture. Suwarna recalls Manish’s words of letting Kartik be and tells him to agree to the same. She assures him that she will be fine and he should take those lectures.

Naira collides with someone and apologizes. That someone introduces herself as Tanvi, another fresher. She is eyeing Kartik and urges Naira to look his way, but Naira ignores. The duo passes by not noticing each other.

Naira finds a frenemy

Naira gets seated in the class. A guy Kunal approaches her and tells her that all of them are planning a mass bunk. Naira doesn’t agree and sort of picks her first frenemy.

The coordinator comes in and takes the attendance. Naira is again called as Naina, she says present anyways. Kartik tells the others he will take the lecture and they seem to be happy.

Bhabhimaa is upset

Bhabhi maa is upset about what Suwarna said earlier. Devyani asks her to eat something but she denies. Bau ji tries to convince her.

Kirti comes and distributes sweets telling everyone that Naira git admission in college. She gives sweets to Naksh but he doesn’t seem happy. Kirti questions him and he replies that he is happy for Naira but sad for himself as she and Naitik will stay away for another 2 years due to the college.

Naira gets a Dare

Kunal approaches Naira again and this time brings in some seniors. The seniors ask Naira to dance, remembering the academy and Kartik, she makes an excuse and asks for another dare.

The senior hands him the bouquet of roses and asks her to give it to Mr. Goenka in the staffroom and propose him. She hesitates at first but then thinks that every Goenka is not Kartik and agrees to the task.

Naira goes to the staff room and finds Kartik’s coat on the chair but not him as he is gone to wash his face. She tries to find him but couldn’t. Meanwhile, Kartik reaches the class and kicks the seniors out.

Naira enters the classroom as Kartik’s face is away from her. Kartik calls her out and tells her that no latecomers in my class, get out. She gets shocked at hearing his voice.

Kartik asks Naira to get out. She falls back in his arms. He sees her. Roses fall over them.

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