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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira takes care of an inebriated Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Kartik takes his anger out by over drinking and calls Naira. Naira runs towards the pub to get him home safely. Dadi is worried about Kartik.

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Kartik (Mohsin Khan) is heavily drinking at the Pub and hallucinating Naira in various scenarios. Naitik and Chitti are leaving for Udaipur and the ask Naira (Shivangi Joshi) to take care of her self. She tells them to take care of themselves as well.

Manish calls Dadi

Manish calls Dadi and congrats for catching the culprit. Dadi expresses her concern about Kartik. She adds that all this time Kartik has been sad and blindly followed whatever Suwarna asked him to.

Manish tries to explain that reason for Kartik’s sadness is that Naira left and he will be truly happy again only when she returns. Dadi is not sure that they still love each other and prays that everything gets better soon.

Naira is worried about Kartik

Naira is playing around with the kids downstairs and asks Kritika about Kartik. She is worried about him and she saw him leaving in anger. Naira curses herself for not understanding him.

On the other side, Kartik is hurt remembering that she did not trust him and chose Kunal over him.  He hears a couple hears expressing their love for each other and starts talking negatively about love to them.

An employee of the Pub tells them to ignore him as he is heavily drunk. The couple moves away from Kartik. Naira is waiting for Kritika for some news about Kartik.

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Naitik and Chitti arrive at home. Naksh sees them and moves towards them when he hears Naitik’s concerns about Naira as she is alone in Mumbai. Getting jealous, Naksh goes away from their ignoring them.

Kartik calls Naira

 Kartik drinks more and calls Naira. He berates her with some drunken questions and throws the glass. The pub employee asks him to relax, but Kartik tells him that he will not stop until Naira answers his question.  Listening all this in shock Naira runs out of the house.

Everyone at Udaipur home is happy to see Naitik as they have some quality time with him. All the while Naksh is sitting outside upset with his father and waiting for him to approach him.

Naira comes to the Pub

Naira arrives at the pub and gets shocked on seeing Kartik’s drunken state. As Kartik sees him the questions he starts blaming and questioning her again.

Vaidehi and Kritika ring the bell of Naira’s place and nobody answers. They wonder where might Naira be, Dadi arrive there around the same time looking for Kartik as she is worried about him. She learns that nobody is home at Naira’s place as well.

Naira stops Kartik from drinking after a few tantrums manage to stop him from drinking.

Naitik talks to Naksh

Kirti tells Naitik that she feels guilty for hiding about Kartik and Naira’s college and apartment mixup. Naitik reassures her that they will tell everyone when the right time comes.

She thanks him for coming and asks him to talk to Naksh as he is quite worried and upset. Naitik goes outside and sits beside Naksh and starts small talk with him. They decide to have some tea like the old time and express to each other that, how much they miss each other.

Naira manages to take Kartik to taxi and asks the pub employee to charge the bill to her phone number as she forgot her card. The man informs Naira that Kartik is their regular customer and he regularly comes there for a drink or two. Naira is shocked on hearing this.


Naira takes Kartik to her home as Dadi will get worried seeing him in this state.