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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kartik and Naira misses each other

Suwarna is still adamant that Naira would not come back in their lives.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 May 2018: As fate would have it, Kartik and Naira could not come face to face as of yet. The duo misses each other a lot. 

A girl invites Kartik at his home after he is relieved from the lift. She introduces herself as Kittu, to which Kartik tells her that it is his name as well. She observes that Kartik is having a headache and suggests him to have some ginger tea. Kartik immediately remembers Naira and tells the girl that he hates Ginger tea.

Kritika (the Girl) tells him that her Dadi is sleeping inside, let her call the angry but cute Didi from upstairs she makes nice tea. Before Kartik could tell her anything she leaves to fetch Naira.

Kritika tells Naira that Kittu, the guy who was stuck in the elevator is having a headache and she should come and make some tea for him. Naira tells her not to invite or entertain strangers at home and goes with her.

When Naira and Kritika reach her house, Karthik has already left. He leaves a thank you note behind for the young girl. Naira returns to her place.

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At the wedding in Udaipur

The two families spot each other in an awkward moment. Luv and Kush run towards Naksh and Kirti. Luv innocently question them about the families not talking and the whereabouts of Naira.

Lav says why aren’t they talking to each other, where did Naira go.

Bhabhi Maa approaches Suwarna and requests her to forget bad incidences for the sake of families. She further tells her that she have had made a similar mistake and her family endured a lot of pain due to it.

Suwarna isn’t ready to understand and tells Bhabhi Maa their pains were different. She has lost her son and no one can understand her pain.

Kirti asks Manish if Naira and Kartik will meet. Manish tells her that he is praying for the same to happen.

Naksh gets upset

Naitik calls Naksh and informs him that Naira got admission in Imperial College. He further tells him that this means they will stay in Mumbai for another two years. Naksh makes an excuse and cuts the call.

Naitik realizes how Naksh must be feeling, he feels guilty about it. Naksh is moved to tears as he feels that Naitik is being unfair to him. He will now stay away from him for another two years as Naira got admission in Imperial college.

Karthik and Naira both remember each other and cry while Yeh Rishta.. plays in the background.

Luv and Kush approach Manish and question him why has Naira gone to Mumbai for studies. They innocently as if the college is the best college, as they just heard Kirti and Naksh talking about it.

Manish smiles to himself and thinks now his prayers might come true as Kartik and Naira would be at the same college. Manish reassures them Naira would soon come back and they should go to sleep for now.

Suwarna is standing nearby, she starts crying when Manish spots her. She tells Manish to stop Naira from coming, there is no place for her in their home or in Kartik’s heart.

She hugs him cry. Manish thinks all he wants is Karik to be happy and the duo can only remain happy when they are together.

Naira imagines Kartik near her and switches on the light. She thinks why isn’t she able to leave behind his memories. In the morning Naitik gifts her a pen and wishes her luck. Kritka and her Dadi also wish her well, Kritika gifts her a frog shaped pouch.

Looking at it Naira is saddened, Kritika offers it to exchange. But Naira tells her that its ok and leaves. Kartik tells no to the guy he is talking to. The guy tells him to think about it as he should address the student. Kartik denies again telling him it is important for him to leave for Udaipur as his mother needs him and leaves. Naira enters the college.