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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: The culprit is caught

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update 1

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: The man behind Tanvi’s video is caught not just by one but two plans. One by Kartik and the other by Naira. When Kartik learns that Naira was planning something and did not tell him, instead involved Kunal he is furious with her

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Naira sees a video of talking to someone. The things he said might have changed her thoughts about him, but unfortunately, the video doesn’t have sound.

Kunal apologizes to Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Tanvi for his behavior and offers his help. Naira tells him to spread the news that Tanvi’s parents have agreed to pay lakhs for the video.

On the other hand, Kartik (Mohsin Khan) as per his own plan announces that the culprit has been caught and will be revealed soon. Naira is confused as to why is Kartik lying to everyone.

Inspector informs Kartik that his team can recognize the phone of the student and can catch him. Kartik gives a go-ahead to the staff members. Dean asks everyone to gather in the auditorium as a famous personality will come to have a chat with them.

Naksh learns about Manish’s help

Naksh throws the file and Kirti asks him about the matter. He tells Kirti that Manish sent the Mehta’s to invest in his project. Kirti question if he does not consider Manish as his father and mere father in law.

Naksh explains to her that it is not that simple as the current bad blood between the two families. Kirti tells him that he currently has a problem with Naitik as well, so why can’t Manish chip in some help. She leaves from there as Naksh thinks about what she said.

Kartik and Naira’s plans are in action

At the auditorium entry, everyone is asked to submit their phone and collect it later after the session. Kunal is also in full form spreading this news to all, Naira prays that the culprit falls into their trap.

All the phones are getting checked when we see a guy, Sunny. Kunal talks to him and signals Naira that he is the one and the inspector tells Kartik that the video is on Sunny’s phone.

They both move towards him and shout at the same time that he is the culprit. Police arrests the guy as Dadi and Dean come there. Dadi thanks everyone for helping and apologizes as there is no celebrity lecture. She explains that this was all plan to arrest the culprit. Naira sees Kartik.

Dean adds that the management wasn’t sure what to do but Kartik was adamant to punish the culprit and that this was his plan.

Kunal says what a coincidence, Naira also didn’t wish to leave the culprit, so she laid this trap. Kartik thinks to himself that she never listens. He is irritated that she didn’t even informed him about her plan and involved Kunal.

Kartik and Naira fight

Kartik tells Naira that she could have told him about the plan and Naira tells him that he could have done the same. He reverts that he is the trustee and she is a student. Naira is about to answer that but goes silent.

Kartik guesses what she thought, that he has forgotten to respect women. She tells him that she heard you are withdrawing the case and Kartik says that she misunderstood as per usual. He leaves angrily as Tanvi comes and hugs Naira hard.

Kirti calls Naitik and asks him to come home for a few days, she thinks that he can make Naksh understand and manage the issues.

Kartik leaves angrily as his driver looks on. Naira hears the driver talking on a call, saying that sir went somewhere in anger. She realizes that Kartik is angry with her and leaves for home.

Naira comes home and sees Naitik packing. She enquires about it and Naitik tells her that Kirti called him urgently. Naira asks him to take Chitti along and she will take Kritika’s mum’s help if needed.

Kartik comes to some pub and the bartender greets him. Kartik asks for a large glass of whiskey. He gets the bottle and asks him to attend to other customers. Kartik imagines, Naira thanking Kunal for his help to catch Sunny and Kunal says anything for you Naira…. They hold hands.


Naira gets a call and runs. She reaches the pub and sees Kartik drinking. 

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