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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Karthik leaves for Mumbai

Naira joins the same college that will be under Karthik's company. As Karthik unwillingly takes the project the duo might meet soon. 

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 May 2018: Naira join the same college that will be under Karthik’s company. As Karthik unwillingly takes the project the duo might meet soon. 

Naira leaves for college, Naitik is worried about her. Chitti asks him what were the papers that Naira signed. Naitik tells him Karthik and Naira both have withdrawn their rights on the academy. It was their last hope that the duo might meet for the academy work, but that door is also closed now. Naitik is worried about his daughter and her lost smile.

Manish gives Mumbai project to Karthik

On the other hand, Manish wishes he could do something for Karthik and could make him talk to Naira. He wishes that Karthik should handle the Mumbai Project takeover. Although Suwarna objects, that she can’t send her son away.

She says that Karthik hasn’t gone out of the city for past 2 years. Manish suggests that he should go or he would slowly suffocate and suffer here. Kartik comes and Manish hands him the file with the project details. Karthik tries to escape but Manish pushes him for the project.

The families meet at Mandir

Suwarna is worried about Karthik leaving for Mumbai and asks him to call her in every 15 minutes. He promises to do so. She asks him to join her in the temple for a Puja, he agrees.

Kirti, Devyaani, and Bhabhimaa also visit to temple. Bhabhimaa tries to talk to Suwarna to find a solution and unite Kartik and Naira. Suwarna shuns them down and takes Kartik’s hand and leave. Bhabhimaa cries as Devyaani says Suwarna’s motherly love has become a problem for relations. Kirti prays that she finds a way to make everything fine.

Naitik and Manish worries about their kids

Naira has submitted the form to the college. Naitik asks her about her experience in the college. Naira complains that its to noisy, it more like a party. He laughs at the comment as Naira leaves. He says after her, that he is yearning to hear her laugh. Chitti says she would soon.

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Naira and Kartik sleeping while Naitik and Manish are looking upon them. They both wish their kids should reunite again soon.  Kartik’s phone blinks and Manish reads Kirti’s message. Kirti has written – whenever I try to say, you change the stop, stop being stubborn and talk to Naira, else distance will get too big, I want you two to be happy, Naira and Naitik are in Mumbai…. Manish says Naira is in Mumbai.

Kartik reaches Imperial College. Naira also comes there.