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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira and Karthik Misses each other

A lot has happened in the two years leap, Karthik and Naira have drifted apart. Although they remember each other often.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 May 2018: Although Karthik and Naira are living apart they miss each other immensely. While Karthik drowns her sorrow in drinks, Naira focuses her energy by cleaning the home. 

Naira decides to join college

Naitik mentions that Sudhir has repaired his laptop and installed a new anti-virus. While Naira is checking her phone she drops some coffee on the laptop. In an attempt to clean the coffee she accidentally plays the screensaver of her pictures with Karthik.

Remembering him, she decides to move and join a college. Naitik supports her decision and gives her a form to fill. Meanwhile, he receives a message from Kirti saying that Karthik has signed the papers. Naira remembers the harsh words of the Goenka family while she fills the form.

On the other hand, Manish encourages Karthik to take up a prestigious project. He tells him that he will only take over the project if Karthik agrees to head it. Karthik picks up the brochure of the Imperial college and thinks about the deal. While Naira tells Naitik that she has heard quite a lot about this college and would like to join it.

Karthik and Naira miss each other

Naira and Karthik are sleeping and feels that the other is sleeping beside them. They get up in shock and finds no one beside them. Both get up to take some medicine find their engagement rings and remember each other.

Karthik drinks and tries to sleep, while Naira takes a sponge and cleaner and starts cleaning the windows.

Luv and Kush talk to Karthik

Luv and Kush try to peek into Karthik’s room and accidentally drops a vase. They apologize to Karthik for the same. Karthik asks them how is their cricket practice, to which the kids reply that they play football.

Karthik corrects himself and asks about their game. The kids request him to stop fighting with Naira, none of their fights have lasted this long ever. They suggest him that if Naira comes back he will also come back into his own. Before Karthik could tell the kids anything, they are called downstairs by Surekha.

Kartik sees Naira’s pic on the tv and loses his cool. He picks up a stool and smacks the TV. Manish comes running and asks him what did you just do, why are you so angry about, what has happened to you. Kartik requests him to leave him alone for some time.

Singhania House

Someone comes to pick the parcel from the Singhania house. Bhabhimaa couldn’t hear clearly and Naksh makes her wear the hearing aid. He gives the parcel and tells her that Kirti is sending gifts for Luv and Kush.

Babhimaa questions that till when will Kirti stays away from her family and Naksh says that he has never stopped her. Devyaani interrupts and says that Kirti doesn’t need to go there. She tells Bhabhimaa that it took you took 10 years to forget and reconcile with Akshara.

She continues that Suwarna is adamant and doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Bau Ji tries to stop her. Bhabhimaa tells Devyaani that Kirti should keep her relationship with them. It might be her and Luv and Kush attempt that can unite Naira and Kartik.

Devyaani then questions that Naira was kicked out of the house without a fault. Suwarna and Kartik didn’t see Naira in the two years. To that Naksh question that Naira also didn’t want talk to them. He then tells them to put an end to the topic as this would do no good.

Kirti hears everything from afar and she decides upon something and sends a mail. Naira sees some papers with Kartik’s sign on it. She signs on the papers as Naitik looks on. As she is about to leave Naitik hugs her and wishes her well for the new start. She says thanks to him and leaves.

Manish says Naira is in Mumbai, I want Kartik to handle this takeover by going Mumbai. Naira reaches the college.

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