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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Karthik and Naira lives apart after the leap

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 May 2018: The Episode starts with a two-year leap. Lav and Kush come home and see the servant dumping something. They wash the gift that Naira gave them and rush to Manish to show him. Manish tells them that it’s cute.

Akhilesh enquires about the gift and Manish says they did well to get it. Suwarna comes there and gets angry on seeing it. Lav asks Suwarns to tell the servant to check things before dumping. Suwarna sends the kids for breakfast and asks the servant to dump it, sometimes valuable thing get devoid of value with time.

Manish says sentiments attached with things decide its value. Surekha thinks nothing has changed in her life. earlier she used to obey Dadi and now Suwarna. They hear some sound as Kartik breaks the mirror and shout “I hate her.”

The Servant apologizes and Karthik fires him, the servant leaves. Kartik drinks and coughs as gets ready and goes downstairs. Suwarna stops him and asks where are you going without having breakfast. He says that he will have something at the office as he is not hungry.

She tells him that even she will remain hungry then. Kartik grudgingly eats food by her hands and feeds her. She tells him that Dadi called and she won’t come here. She will go to haveli directly. Manish says Lav and Kush have also come, if you can…. Kartik cuts him in middle and tells him that he will try.

Kartik gets a message and Suwarna asks whose message is it. She realizes and tells him that she understand and encourages him to go sign some papers and end the matter.

Kartik comes at some cafe and meets Kirti. He signs them and returns tell, asking if she is happy now.  Kirti cries and tells him that she will be happy if he listens to her and talk to her (Naira) once. She questions him about how long will he stay angry. Karthik gets angry and tells her not to take Naira’s name again and leaves.

Kirti continues to cry and pray to the Lord to end the distance between the dua and bring them together. She calls Naira and fails to connect.

Naira is in Mumbai, She gets down the taxi and pays. Walks towards the metro station, she puts on the headphones and travels on the train. Kartik also hears loud music and drives the car. Naira and Karthik miss each other and see each other around them when they are in two different towns.

Naira hears a cry and sees a woman shouting for help. She recalls Shubham. She thinks of Kartik’s words. People help the lady. Naira wipes tears and goes in the taxi.

Naira asks shall I fill college form and Naitik encourages her. Manish says that he is quite excited about this project and want Karthik to handle this, Kartik asks imperial college. Naira says my wish is to join the imperial college.