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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kiara decides to go back to Udaipur

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Naira has taken a tough decision and asked for a divorce. Everyone is really shocked about it. Kartik is especially upset about these turn of events.

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Naira (Shivangi Joshi) is crying as Kartik (Mohsin Khan) has left, Kartik is also sad. When they reach home Luv and Kush hugs Kartik and asks about Naira.

On learning she is not with them, they get sad and leave from there. Suwarna tells Kartik that she explain them, Manish taunts her that it’s not the kids who need to understand something. Kartik stops him from saying anything further, he tells everyone that Naira and he have decided to get a divorce.

Kirti is talking to Devyaani and Bhabhimaa on video chat. She blames Naksh for not trying to change Naira’s mind about the divorce. Naksh explains to them that he had to support Naira.

Everyone is worried that it would be hard for Niara and that it would be really hard for her to move on. Naira overhears this and comes to talk to everyone. She asks everyone to support her like they have always done. Naira adds that she lost hope in the relationship and there can’t be anything between them; Kartik also told her that. Naitik looks on.

Kartik  and Niara tries to move on

Manish and Akhilesh discuss work and Kartik apologizes to them for not helping them out till now. He offers that from now onwards he will take his responsibilities seriously.

Naira serves food to everyone, she sees Kachoris and remembers Kartik. Luv and Kush demands for Kachoris and Kartik ask the cook to make it. Kartik thinks he would not let the kids suffer anymore.

Kartik and Niara are sitting at their respective dining table and missing each other watching the empty seat next to them. They imagine each other, as the illusion breaks Naira cleans her tears; Kartik cleans his.

 Suwarna asks him to have food and answer the call later. He says its Mr. Pinto’s call and leaves. Suwarna says that Kartik seems to be more relaxed as the decision got certain. Manish replies to her that if this is the silence before the storm or after it, only time can tell.

Naksh blames Naitik for not caring

At the office, Kartik learns about Naksh’s check and enquires about it. The employee tells him that this to aid Naksh.

Naitik hands Naksh the ticket printout and Naksh say that it is not needed. He taunts Naksh that it is pointless to tell anything to children these days. Naksh reverts that even elders don’t listen at all sometimes.

Naksh gets Kartik’s call. Kartik suggests Naksh, to increase the amount and Naksh denies. Kartik adds that Naksh is family to him and he wants to help him. Naksh declines the increased offer again, Kartik asks him to collect the check once he is back in Udaipur.

Naksh shuts the phone and Naitik enquires if Kartik called to ask about Naira. Naksh gets agitated by this and tells Naitik that Kartik called him as he took help from Manish.

Naitik question Naksh for not telling him. Naksh simply tells him that he was not there for him and always concentrates on Naira. Naira hears this and gets emotional.

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Mansi is back

Kartik comes home and worriedly asks everyone about calling him urgently. He sees Mansi and hugs her. Mansi says she was missing him and this came back home.

Kartik tells her that he missed her too, Mansi taunts her that why shall he miss her as he has Naira. Before he can say anything she enquires about Naira and says she wants to talk to her about something important.

Kartik tells her that she won’t come back as they are getting divorced, Mansi gets shocked.

Kirti tells Naksh that he should have been more careful with his words as Naitik is hurt now. Naksh says he is feeling bad as well. Chitti brings some bags and Naksh tells him that it is not theirs.

Naira comes there and says it’s hers, she apologizes to Naksh for behaving selfishly. She adds that Naitik cares about him but since she is more stubborn and stupid, he tends to give her more attention.

Naira further explains that she has decided to not to stay in Mumbai anymore. She wants to stay in Udaipur with all of her family members. Naksh hugs her, Naitik comes there and all of them group hug.

Kirti enquires about Naira college and she tells him that she will join a college in Udaipur, her current dean agreed to help her as well.


Kartik tells Niara that they have hired Sharma, he enquires if she has hired any divorce lawyer. Naira says no and cries.