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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Suwarna is upset with everyone

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update 1

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Naira and Kartik have taken Suwarna to the hospital and everyone joins them. Suwarna gains consciousness and denies meeting anyone, not even Kartik. Kartik feels bad about it and Naira tries to support him.

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Naira (Shivangi Joshi) sees Suwarna hurt and unconscious, she asks someone to call for an ambulance. Kartik  (Mohsin Khan) calls Suwarna, Naira picks up and tells him about the accident.

Manish is also worried about Suwrana and Akhilesh tries to settle him down. Naira calls them and informs about the accident, they get shocked. Akhilesh calls Surekha who is at Singhania house, he tells her about the accident and asks her to not to tell anyone.

Naksh and Kirti have heard this and offers to come along with them to Mumbai.

Kartik is worried about losing Suwarna

Kartik and Naira get Suwarna to hospital. He is really tensed and starts blabbering to Naira. Naira tries to calm him down but he is really worried about losing her. She holds him while he fret.

The doctors are treating Suwarna and Kartik is restless outside. Manish and everyone arrives at the hospital, he hugs Kartik. Naksh hugs Naira. Manish also them if Suwarna saw them together and they tell that they have no idea.

 Suwarna gains conscious and imagines Naira holding Kartik hand and taking him away. Suwarna shouts Karti, everyone hears her voice and rush to see.

Suwarna refuses to meet Kartik

Kartik wants to go inside to check but the nurse doesn’t allow. The doctor checks her and chains Suwarna down. He asks her if he should call Kartik, but Suwarna refuses to see anybody.

The doctor comes out and tells them that Suwarna is stable, she had a panic attack and still very upset about something. Kartik all’s if he could see her, the doctor tells him that Suwarna requested that she wants to see no body.

Everyone, especially Kartik gets shocked on hearing this. Kartik leaves from there crying and Naira follows him.

Naitik gets angry

Naira comes to Kartik and tries to console him. Surekha comes there and tells them that may be Suwarna saw them together. She adds that Suwarna became quite possessive about Kartik and now she fears losing him as well.

Surekha asks Naira to not to come in front of Suwarna. Naitik was hearing this silently, but now he gets angry. He asks surekha that why everytime, everything is blamed on Naira. She did not invite Kartik to Mumbai or to the college, everything happend via coincidence.

Surekha tries to calm him down by saying that she did not mean to blame Naira. But Naitik is quite angry and he asks Naira to come with him as people here are stuck in the past and he can’t see her hurt any further.

Kartik meets Suwarna

Kartik comes into Suwarna’s room but she turns her face the other side. He asks her to let him explain, but Suwarna tells her to go to away.

She tells him that she is extremely upset as everyone in the family cheated her and lied to her. She adds that she is heartbroken as Kartik also keep her in dark. Kartik cries on hearing this.


Suwarna says I don’t need you, go and live with your Naira. He says there is nothing between me and Naira, there won’t be anything. Naira looks on and cries.