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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Suwarna sees Kartik and Naira together

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Naira thinks about Kartik’s concern and decides to tell him the truth about her injury. Suwarna looks around for Kartik in the college. Some students spot Kartik and Naira talking and starts teasing them, Suwarna also sees them and leaves from there. In her anger and despair, Suwarna smashes her car into the tree. Meanwhile, both the families are coming closer in Udaipur.

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Naira (Shivangi Joshi) recalls Kartik’s (Mohsin Khan) word and remembers her dancing days. She decides to tell Kartik about the accident.

Manish calls Dadi and tells her that Suwarna is in the college to surprise Kartik. Dadi tries to calm Manish down saying that, they can’t live in fear anymore. She adds that they have to let things unfold themselves. Manish is still worried.

Suwarna looks for Kartik

Suwarna calls Kirti and wishes her, she enquires about her anniversary party. Kirti lies to her saying that she just celebrated with Naksh. Suwarna realizes her lie and thinks that the family celebrated together, she wants to talk to Kartik now.

Suwarna leaves to find Kartik; Manish is worried about her reaction; Dadi is praying for everything to be fine; Naira thinks that she has to tell Kartik the truth Kartik hopes Naira tells him the truth; Naitik hopes Naira takes the right decision.

Luv and Kush calls Surekha to complain
While they can easily talk outside the college, the duo decides to step into the chemistry lab to talk. Naira tells him that she has taken an appointment with the doctor and asks him if he will accompany her.  Naira is trying to tell him about her accident.
Lav and Kush tell everyone that they have called Surkha, Devyan fears that Surekha might create a scene now. Surekha comes there but quite the contrary scolds Luv and Kush.
She scolds them for complaining when someone gave them the slightest of works. She reminds them how Kartik, Naira, and everyone used to help them in their work. Surekha apologizes to everyone on their behalf as Luv and Kush realize their mistake as well.
Students find Kartik and Naira together

Kartik prompts Naite to speak freely, but she hears some noise and while looking that way fall over him. The students chose that very moment to enter the lab.

The students start teasing and making fun of them. Kartik tries to shut them down but they just question Naira if her husband knows about the same. While this is happening Suwarna sees them and leaves from there hurridly. Kunal and Tanvi pacify the students a bit by shutting them down, but Naira feels bad about the whole scenario and runs from there.

Meanwhile, everyone at Udaipur is enjoying themselves along with Luv and Kush. Kirti and Surekha see this and smile at each other.

Surekha takes the car ignoring the driver, Naira also takes a cab. Kartik is informed that his mother was here and that she left hurriedly. He runs towards the exist and asks the driver about his mother, the driver tells him that she just angrily took away the car leaving him here.

Suwarna thinks of Kartik and Naira and recalls Shubham. She cries and gets dizzy, losing her balance she smashes the car into a tree. People gather around her, Naira spots Suwarna and gets shocked. She asks her driver to stop the car and she runs towards Suwarna.


Surekha suggests Naira that it will good if she doesn’t see Suwarna. Naitik tells that why does Naira is blamed for everything, he takes her and leaves as Kartik looks on helplessly. 

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