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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Mrs. Bhala plans to take Roshni’s baby

While Ishita is innocently planning a future with Adi's baby, Bhalla's gear up to take the baby away.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 June 2018:

Episodic update of Star Plus‘ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Seeing the Kurta, Raman(Karan Patel) scolds Keshav for bringing a ladies kurta. Keshav tells him that this is the only option handy. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) makes fun of him and he gets angry. He enquiries about the mechanic, Kehsav tells him that they transfer money online.

Aaliya comes home and Shagun enquiries about her meeting. She tells them that they both think its not the right time to move on in life. Aaliya adds that she only agreed to get married to go against Ishita, but the truth is that she need some time. Mani thinks of talking to Ishita again.

Ishita gets money from ATM and pays Keshav, He thanks them. Raman says he don’t have to go Jaipur now and Ishita adds that she will also go to Delhi now. Keshav thanks them again and leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla packs food for Roshni

Ruhi talks to Roshni and informs her that Raman and Ishita are fine. Roshni hears Mrs. Bhalla in the background talking about Jackfruit and she starts craving for it. Ruhi tells her that she will get her some in the night.

Mrs. Bhalla question about Roshni’s health. Neelu tells her that Halwa is missing from the fridge and Rihu tells them that she took it for Roshni yesterday. Mrs. Bhalla says its Adi’s child, Adi loved sweets. She tells Ruhi to ask Roshni to have the jackfruit dish with paratha as Adi used to eat that way. She asks Neelu to get plenty of jackfruit. Ruhi gets enotional.

Raman and Ishita returns

The duo returns and Ishita thanks him. He get Kadam’s call and asks him to ignore the tooth matter. Ishita blames him that he first provoked him and now he is pretending that he cares. Raman gets angry listening to the accusations.

Ruhi and Pihu comes there and smiles at their fighting parents, they feel the duo has back to their natural fighting self. Ruhi gives Ishita tiffin for Roshni. She hugs Ishita and goes.

Aaliya gets upset with Mrs. Bhalla

Everyone is sitting together as Raman tells his trip experiences. All make fun of Raman for falling into the ladies trick. Ruhi serves the food and Raman remembers Adi on seeing jackfruit.

 Mrs. Bhalla gives a file to Raman and tells him that she found a hospital for Roshni, Adi’s child is our blood. Aaliya questions is they are supporting Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her that they don’t care for Roshni but the child is Adi’s son and the only heir of the family. Aaliya feels betrayed and tells them they have hurt her feelings.

Ishita assures Roshni

Roshni tells Ishita that the baby kicked due to the Jackfruit curry. Ishita laughs listening to this and tells her how Adi uses to hate her at first. Later her loved her so much that he could have fought with the world for her.

Ishita dreamily tells Roshni how the baby will also call her Ishimaa and she will allow him to be anything he wants to be. Roshni puts forward her worry about Bhalla’s taking the baby away. Ishita assures her that nothing like that will happen as Bhallas are with Aaliya and Aaliya will never accept Adi’s illegitimate child. They cannot take her baby away as they won’t accept her and a baby can’t stay away from her mother. She prom Roshni that nothing will happen to the baby.

Mrs. Bhalla plans to take Roshni’s baby

Mrs. Bhalla stresses that she wants the baby, Raman questions about Roshni. She tell him that they will never accept Roshni or Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya is she understands their situation but Aaliya leaves from there. Mrs. Bhalla says we will convince her,  Parmeet has been overhearing all this and hatches plans to spoil everything.


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