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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Roshni keeps a shocking condition

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: The Judge asks Roshni to share her thought and Roshni asks for time. Raman comes to her and explains his point of view, Ishita suggests Roshni, to give the statement in Raman’s favor as they will take good care of the baby. Roshni decides that she will give the custody to Bhalla’s but only if they decide to take back Ishita.

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After the judge leaves it to Roshni, she asks for time to think. The court is adjourned till tomorrow, to give Roshni some time to ponder on her decision.

Everyone is slightly worried that Roshni will choose Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) over Bhalla family. Raman (Karan Patel)  decides to meet with Roshni. He comes to Ishita’s house expecting her to resist his meeting with Roshni, but Ishita tells him that it is Roshni choice, whom she wants to meet or not and she won’t influence her.

Raman requests Roshni to understand his point of view and to make a practical decision. He adds that Roshni will never be able to earn the same respect as Aaliya in the house, and his plan gives her a chance to start afresh in London while her baby will have a legit name and a loving family.

Roshni asks him not to plead her about it, she has had hurt them enough already. She adds that she wants to make a decision which brings a smile to everyone’s face and requires time to think. Raman leaves from there.

Ishita supports Raman

Ishita has overheard all this and cries. She suggests Roshni to support Raman in the court tomorrow. Roshni is a little shocked on hearing this and asks Ishita for the reason behind it.

Ishita tells her that she has already snatched Adi from them, she is seeing how much they are hurting and this child will ease their pain to some extent. She adds that the baby will financially secure and well loved at the Bhalla’s.

Ishita assures Roshni that once they get to know her they will not force her away and not separate her from her baby. Roshni asks if she will be fine without them as she has been looking forward to the baby for long. Ishita says yes and leaves the room crying.

Roshni is also emotional and thinks about the pain she is causing everyone and what she could do to solve all this.

Roshni keeps a condition

In the court, the judge asks her decision. Roshni tells that she has chosen the Bhalla’s but on one condition. She tells them that she wants the baby to be loved by Ishita as well and thus if Bhalla’s wants the custody they have to accept Ishita back into their lives.

Everyone is shocked after listening to this, Ruhi smiles at Roshni’s smartness. The judge appreciates her for her wise decision and asks Raman and Ishita to decide as the ball is in their court now. She asks them to tell her their decision after the session break.

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Raman and Ishita fights

Raman immediately blames Ishita that she might have asked Roshni to do so. The duo starts fighting about the whole matter. After some time they agree to stay together for the sake of their families and the baby. Although they make it clear to each other that they will not be together as a couple ever again.

Mr. Bhalla is observing this from afar and smiles, he says that these two has always been parents first and husband-wife later. Ruhi prays that they agree and this time the new baby bring them together again.


Ishita comes home and Ruhi asks Raman to stand with her, she performs the grahpravesh ritual.