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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Raman goes through an Internal war

Raman is missing Ishita badly but he can't forgo Adi death and Ishita's hand in it

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4 June 2018: Raman loves Ishita but he hates her for killing Adi. He has an internal war between the husband and the father. 

Episodic update of Star Plus‘ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Romi comes home and Raman (Karan Patel)questions his whereabouts from past few days as he wasn’t even present for the income tax raid. Romi’s tells him that he was busy in some personal work and denies to answer when Raman questions him about it.

Simmi gives Romi’s side and fights with Raman and Mrs. Bhalla. But Romi asks Simmi to leave and leaves from there himself as well.

Raman makes Ishita Jealous

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) takes Roshni to a Chinese restaurant, the manager recognizes her and calls Raman. The manager tells him that let’s catch up when he joins Ishita at the restaurant.

Raman tells him that he is on his way and he calls someone to get ready for a date. Roshni goes to the loo and Raman comes in with another girl and sits in front of Ishita. He flirts with the girl and remembering how Ishita fed him once here, asks her to feed him.

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Ishita calls for the check as Roshni comes back and enquires why are they leaving so early. She spots Raman and understands. The manager comes and offers to join Ishita and Raman’s table, Ishita tells him she is leaving. When the eye candy girl enquires about Ishita, he tells that she is his ex-wife.

While Ishita is leaving the girl calls her Behenji. Ishita returns and shows her, her place. She challenges Raman to at least tell the truth that she is still his wife. She adds that such girls would not even mind that if you give them expensive enough gifts.

When Ishita leaves, some guys start to talk rubbish about her, Raman picks a fight with them. The manager kicks the guys out of the restaurant. The girl tells Raman that he still loves her as he can’t even listen anything against her.

Raman Alter Ego appears

Raman leaves from there and drives towards home, he thinks of his and Ishita’s romantic moment all the way till home. At home is crying as he misses Ishita.

He suddenly spots another Raman and asks him who is he. The other guy says I am Raman Bhalla and you are Ishita’s husband. He tells and encourages Raman to hate Ishita as she killed his son, Adi, for no fault at all. Raman gets angry on Ishita again as the alter ego disappears.

Ishita shouts at Raman

Next day Raman’s friend who got treated by Ishita for root canal comes to him. He tells him that Ishita’s treatment was faulty and his root canal is worse. He asks Raman to accompany to Ishita’s office.

Ishita is treating someone when they both arrive. She sends the patient out and the guy starts shouting at Ishita for not treating him well. He tells her that he will file a court case and take her licence away.

Ishita asks him if he has eaten any hard substances when she advised not to. He looks guilty at first but says that he is on juices from tomorrow. This time Ishita challenges him, that he did not follow the instruction and now is here creating a scene.

She than shouts at Raman for enjoying this and planning to destroy one thing that Ishita dearly finds peace in. Raman ridicules her allegation, but she doesn’t trust him. She tells the guy to do the court case and she will also sue him in return. Raman and the guy leaves as Ishita is fuming.


Ishita and Raman are at the airport and the attendant mixes their boarding passes.