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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Shantanu claims that the child is his

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Shantanu, Roshni’s x fiancé has returned. In a surprising twist of events he claims in the court that the child is his and not of Adi. Everyone including is shocked. After an initial hesitation Ishita and Roshni agree to his plan.

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Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Roshni merely escape from an accident as a car suddenly comes in front of them. The other car id driven by Shantanu, Roshni’s x; Ishita and Roshni gets shock on seeing him.

They all come home as Raman (Karan Patel) also arrives. He heard about the near miss accident and shouts at Ishita for being careless. Shantanu steps in to protect Ishita, Raman asks his guards to kick him out but Ishita asks Raman to leave.

Raman leaves and Shantanu asks about their separation. After learning about the case, he offers to help Ishita.

Shantanu gives everyone a shock

In the morning, Shantanu comes to help the ladies. Ishita’s lawyer calls him as a witness, Raman’s lawyer object to the same. The judge allows Shantanu to say his piece.

Shantanu tells everyone that he is Roshni’s x and that the child in Roshni’s womb is his. Everyone gets shocked including Ishita and Roshni. In the break the ladies confront Shantanu about his lie.

Shantanu tells them that it is their only way out of this court case, after initial hesitation Roshni agrees to support his lie. Ishita however, isn’t convince that this is the right way to do things.

When Raman’s lawyer challenges Shantanu’s claim he cooks up a story that before they could get married Aditya kidnapped Roshni. Due to this his family refused for their marriage. He knew about the baby but could not return to Roshni aid due to family and work pressures. He heard about the case and rushed to India.

Raman says he is lying, the judge warns him. Raman’s lawyer asks for a day’s time. The proceedings are adjourned till tomorrow.

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Simmi gives Raman an Idea

As Usual, Mrs. Bhallagoes on a crying spree. Raman consoles her and Simmi gives Raman an idea. She suggests him to get an DNA test, if the baby is Adi’s Roshni has to give them the child and if its Shantanu’s child, they don’t have to care.

Raman agrees to the Idea and thinks for a way to convince Roshni about it. Also, he warns everyone to not to disclose the plan to Ishita. Ruhi hopes that things don’t get worsen by this step.

Ishita isn’t happy with the way things went in court, she knows Raman will now desperate measures. She gets a call from the bank and grudgingly leaves. Roshni thanks Shantanu for his help and asks him to go home.