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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Raid at Raman’s office

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31 May 2018: Raid happens at Raman’s office but nothing is found. Ruhi takes Pihu to Ishita for her toothache. 

Roshni tells Raman that she has heard that a raid is about to happen at his office. Raman doesn’t trust her and shuts the door on her face. Roshni suddenly feels uneasy and Bala takes her to the hospital. Raman gets a call from Aaliya and she informs him that a raid is happening at the office. Raman leaves hurriedly.

Pihu feels pain in her teeth and Ruhi tells Mrs. Bhalla that she will take Pihu to a dentist. 

Ishita is treating a patient when his mother informs her that she saw Roshni leaving in a hurry. Ishita gets worried about her and calls her. Bala picks the call and asks her to come to the hospital, Ishita rushes to the hospital.

Raid at Raman office

Raman observes the mess in his office, he questions the inspector about it. The officers do not allow Raman to make any calls to the senior.

Parmeet and Simmi come home after shopping. Parmeet informs her that he has tipped some officers and a Raid is happening at Raman’s office. Simmi says he definitely deserves it and is happy about it.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31 May 2018 After Intermission : Raman talks to the senior officer and asks he pays all his taxes then why a raid. The officer is the lady who’s son Ishita just treated, she tells him that someone has tipped them off. Raman inquires about it but she tells it’s confidential information.

Ishita calls the officer and tells her that Raman is her husband and an honest industrialist. Raman hears Ishita’s voice and doubts her immediately. He tells Aaliya about it, but she takes Ishita’s side and tells him that she can’t do anything like this. The officers find nothing and leaves.

Ruhi and Pihu comes to Ishita’s house

Ruhi and Pihu are waiting outside Ishita’s house. Ishita comes home with Roshni and questions them about their visit. Ruhi tells her that Pihu has a toothache.

Ishita checks her and treats her, they all eat idli sambar. They are enjoying and dancing when Ishita sees Raman at the door. Raman taunts Ishita that she is celebrating as she got raid done at his office.

Ishita tells him that she called in to put a good word for him. Roshni affirms her statement. Ishita invites him inside, but Raman refuses and asks Pihu and Ruhi to come home with him.

Raman gets a call from someone and confirms a dinner date. Ishita tells him that sending selfies or taking calls isn’t going to affect her. Raman taunts her that if it didn’t she wouldn’t have been saying this. He leaves and She says its good it affects him, its also love.

Precap: Raman and Pihu play scrabble. Pihu wins and asks him for the prize. He asks what does she want.

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