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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Ishita takes care of Roshni

Ishita believes that the baby Roshni's carrying would be Adi's reincarnation.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 May 2018: Ishita is getting over possessive about Adi’s kid and hopes that his/her arrival will ease everyone’s anger. Raman in his anger about gets into trouble related to women. 

Ishita shows toys and pictures she has collected for Adi’s baby to Roshni. She also gives her some CD’s with soothing music, to aid Roshni sleep peacefully in the night. Roshni questions her about the pain in her eyes although she is smiling.

Rihu and Aaliya

Ruhi is shocked to learn that Shagun hates Pihu. Aaliya tells her that its better Pihu stays away from her as Shagun might say something that will eventually hurt Pihu more. She further explains Ruhi, that she is going to visit Shagun daily to help her cope with her depression.

Ruhi suggests Ishita name, but Aaliya upfront refuses the idea. Aaliya tells Ruhi that she is both angry and disappointed in Ishita as she just sees Roshni and her side of the story. What about the pain everyone is suffering from, especially Aaliya herself.

Aaliya tells her that it was both Adi and Roshni’s fault, she encouraged Adi. She gives in to crying feeling where did she lack. Ruhi tries to reason that Ishita is there to help Roshni as she is pregnant. To which Aaliya replies that it hurts her self-esteem even more.

Ishita is possessive about Adi’s baby

Ishita tells Roshni that it’s her eighth month and she should take proper care. She feeds her Adi’s favorite soup. Roshni tells her that she couldn’t have survived without Ishita. To which Ishita replies she couldn’t survive without Adi’s baby.

Ishita thinks back to the time they took Adi to the hospital. Shagun shouts at her about shooting her son, Raman arrives and goes to see Adi. The doctor informs them that Adi is no more, initially Raman is not able to handle the fact and Shagun is hysterical.

Shagun cries and shouts that Ishita has killed Adi, Raman asks Ishita if that is true. Raman gets angry and tells her that he will kill her. Ishita is getting arrested by the inspector, when Roshni tells him that Adi was throwing a chemical on her Ishita shot him to save her life.

Roshni then tells Ishita to fight for Adi’s child and come back. Ishita tells her that she will come back for Adi’s child as the police take her away.

Ishita returns to the present and tells her that she has given her the reason to live with this baby.

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Ishita receives a picture of Raman with someone else

Raman is at a pub with someone, she clicks a picture with him. Raman asks her to send this picture on a number, the lady does as he tells her. Ishita receives the picture and gets shocked.

Roshni checks her phone and sees the picture, she confronts Ishita. Ishita tells her that Raman is doing this because of his pain, he believes if he hurts me his pain might recede.

Roshni tells her that it is all her fault, she shouldn’t have returned from London in the first place. She adds that she did not realize that Adi and she were coming close until it was too late. Her decision of getting married to  Shantanu did not go well with Adi and he went mad.

Ishita consoles her and says it was her son’s fault as he cheated on his wife. He was going to commit a heinous crime and she did what she had to stop him and did not intend to kill Adi at all. Ishita further adds that Adi’s baby will melt everyone anger as they will aslo see that Adi has returned to them.

Ishita says I feel like something wrong is about to happen, Raman gets drunk.