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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Raman serves Ishita with custody notice

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Ishita is mingling with the family and everyone is getting close. Simmi and Parmeet are jealous of the same. Raman hires bodyguards for Roshni and as Ishita and Roshni are about to leave he hands Ishita the custody paper. The duo obviously fights over it.

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As Shagun’s catering business has received an order, Amma and Mrs. Bhalla fight over the dishes to be made. Ishita is amused looking at them fight and she steps in and calms them down. She suggests making just 5 dishes of each Punjabi and South Indian cuisine, 2 oily and 3 healthier options.

Mrs.Bhalla and Amma are satisfied with the solution. Simmi sees the same and is irritated to see all the rebonding between the family. Parmeet tells her that until Ishita they all barely talked and now they are one big happy family. Simmi expresses her hate towards Ishita and wishes for her to leave the house.

At the office, Raman finishes the work at record speed and tells Ruhi that they should head home and have lunch with everyone. Ruhi teases her with Ishita’s name but he says that he wants to look out for Roshni. He gets a call from someone and asks them to meet him at home.

The Bodyguards arrive

Raman and Ruhi come home and they all have lunch together. The guys come and Raman introduces them as Roshni’s bodyguards. When Ishita questions him, he tells her that after Roshni’s kidnap he is worried about her safety.

Mrs. Bhalla starts to make food for the catering order and everyone chips in. Pihu and Roshni are given vigilance duty to inform them whenever Simmi or Parmeet passes by. As and when any one of them passes by Pihu whistles as a signal and everyone behave nonchalantly in front of them.

Roshni goes to the loo and the bodyguards follow her to the room. She asks them that she wants to sleep, and they just turn around. When Roshni asks to leave, they refuse; telling her that their orders are to be with her all the time. Roshni is uncomfortable with the situation and thus tells Ishita about it. Ishita tells her that she will talk to Raman about it.

As Ishita is talking to Raman something goes into his eyes and Ishita takes care of him. The duo shares a moment as Pihu and Ruhi are happy seeing them together.

The food is ready

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma manage to prepare everything on time and everyone appreciates them for their efforts. Everyone helps them in delivering the food and takes the feedback from the client. The client loved the menu and the food and the two ladies are happy about it.

They all dine happily and Ishita proposes to leave after it. Raman question her about it and she tells her that she doesn’t want to trouble anyone further and Roshni will be safe all thanks to Raman’s hired bodyguards.

Raman stops her and hands her some papers. He tells her that he has filed a case for the custody of Adi’s baby and this is its legal notice. Everyone is shocked to hear this including Ishita. He adds that he expected her to take Roshni and thus he had no other choice.

Ishita is terribly hurt and accuses him of showing fake concern for Roshni as all the while he just wanted the kid. The duo fight over the matter, blaming each other, Raman tells her that the baby is their heir and he will come to this house, that’s it.


Simmi meets Ishita and informs him that Raman has a plan for Roshni. Ishita confronts Ruhi asking if Raman is planning to send Roshni back to London after the baby is born.

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