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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Roshni returns for Ishita’s Aid

Ishita is grown possessive about Roshni as she is carrying Adi's child.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 May 2018: Pihu had to leave with the Bhalla’s, but she informs Roshni that Ishita needs her help. A very pregnant Roshni return to Ishita. 

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Everyone manages to control an angered Raman and sends him home. Ishita is left crying. While Mr. Bhalla fetches the car, Pihu asks Ruhi to let her hug Ishita once. The latter allows.

Pihu asks pardon from Ishita, but she says that it is her fault that they are in this situation. Ishita accepts that it is her deeds that is bringing all this pain to everyone. She then tells Pihu to take care of herself and obey Ruhi always.

When Ishita goes to fetch Pihu’s bag, Pihu receives Roshni’s call and tells her Ishita needs her and she should come back.

A lady is trying woe Raman

Everyone reaches home before Raman could start his scolding he receives a phone call. The women on the other side ask Raman to hurry up. Raman hurridly leaves saying he has an urgent meeting.

Ruhi questions Pihu about her escape and Pihu gives her a chit saying, she was under the impression that Ruhi helped her. Ruhi reads the chit and recognizes Parmeet’s handwriting and warns Pihu to stay away from him.

Aaliya returns home and along with Ruhi try to put Pihu to sleep. Pihu question about Shagun, Aaliya lies to her that Shagun is out for some NGO work. After Pihu sleeps, Ruhi confronts Aaliya about her lie about Shagun. Aaliya tells Ruhi that Shagun doesn’t want to see Ruhi. She hates her as Ruhi is Ishita’s daughter and Ishita took Adi from her.

Roshni returns

Roshni returns home and Ishita gets tensed on seeing her. She tells her that she should not have traveled, as it is not advisory when pregnant.

Roshni question about the broken state of home and Ishita tell her that it is all Raman’s anger. Ishita changes the topic by talking about Adi’s baby and how this baby is her last hope from life.

Ishita recalls that after killing Adi she was almost about to kill herself with the same gun when Roshni informs her that she is pregnant. While Shagun and Aaliya remain in shock, Ishita hugs Roshni and decided to take care of her and the baby.

The lady at the pub clicks pics with Raman. Raman says send this to a number. Ishita gets shocked seeing Raman’s picture with the lady.

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